The design of an organisation is not just about writing a strategic plan. It involves an intricate blend of culture, leadership, team dynamics, energy, strategy and organisational architecture. How are teams formed? What are the patterns of working behaviours? How are lines of reporting constructed? What are the decision making processes? How are communication channels created?


Speakers Institute Corporate works with you to understand your organisational needs, create a strategy to focus your resources, support change management processes and monitor organisational effectiveness.


We facilitate a discovery phase where we gain an understanding of what the problem, issue or challenge your company is facing. This is followed by a gap analysis to identify the true root cause, rather than the symptoms that are presenting themselves on the surface. From there we apply an integrated organisational design process, that has people and culture placed in the centre of all decisions.


At the heart and soul of an organisation is its people and the collective culture of the organisation. Our approach ensures that the Business Strategy and People Strategy are aligned and implemented in parallel. We can support your organisational strategy and design through the following options:

Having clarity of your vision, makes it easy to say no.


The most successful companies, teams and individuals have absolute clarity on their purpose and vision. We work with you to understand the purpose of your company and then identify your shared vision. Once you have absolute clarity, it makes it easy to say no to the ideas and opportunities that aren’t in alignment.



Create an identity and feeling of belonging that matters.


People are innately wired to belong and have an identity. Establishing your company’s DNA will determine how your employees connect with the purpose, go about their work, approach clients and work together as a team to achieve it. You will identify attitudes and behaviours, develop accountability and unite as a closely aligned team.



Your culture is your secret weapon.


Developing a high performance culture requires having human beings, communication and wellbeing being at the centre of every decision. It’s about a collective relentless pursuit for excellence, without being ruthless or reckless. Create a transparent environment where everyone is driven by an internal motivation to perform and achieve company success.



Intelligent people admire simplicity.


What is the client’s need you are solving? What is the one intention of where you will focus your attention? Our team works with your company through a collaborative process that identifies your key priorities, maps out actionable milestones and minimises the surprises. The result is a strategy that is simple, memorable, repeatable and easily measured.



Leaders create leaders.


Build a company wide leadership culture where nurturing rising talent, integrated high performance feedback and debriefs, and leadership mentoring and coaching occurs at all levels of the organisation. Create a gravitational shift by empowering employee leadership growth through cultivating leadership identification, development and performance.



Energy is the #1 currency in leadership.


Leadership is all about energy management. Discover how to reduce the incidence of burnout, stress, overwhelm and mistakes by effectively planning your team’s energy and recovery, and managing their workload. Develop company wide habits of scheduling, focusing and investing in your energy through Periodisation, Presence and Performance.