Non Negotiables of a Well Being

We are all human BEINGS, and yet we have become disconnected from what that means and got caught up in lots of DOING. We are not human DOERS, we are human BEINGS. This means we are very good at how to DO, but not so good at how to BE. A well BEING needs awareness and nourishment. And a well BEING is made up of our physical bodies, our minds and our joyful spirits. A well being needs all of those areas to be tended to.

Key Outcomes:

  • Learn how the 3 elements of our BEING – mind, body & spirit – affect our performance.
  • Understand what nourishes and depletes our mind, body and spirit.
  • Discover why your employees need to reconnect to their intuition and the power of energy management.

Duration: 3hrs

Specialisation: Mindset, Performance, Energy Management, Stress Relief

Suitable for: All Employees

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