Energy Management Wins

Being a leader requires a lot of passion, dedication, hard work and focus on other people. Burnout, stress, overwhelm and mistakes occur when you don’t effectively plan your energy and recovery; manage the workload of your team; and focus your full attention on other people while neglecting your own performance. To ensure that you perform optimally and deliver the best possible experience for your colleagues, clients and stakeholders, it is crucial that they develop the routines and habits required to be a high performing leader. Learn how to schedule, focus and invest in your energy through Leadership Periodization, Presence and Performance.

In This Energising Session You Will Learn:

  • The secrets to sustainable energy, leadership and performance.
  • 3 steps to becoming a Chief Energy Officer (CEO).
  • Why energy is the #1 currency in leadership.

Duration: 3hrs

Specialisation: Energy Management, Performance, Mindset,

Suitable for: All employees

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