Atomic Pressure

In a world of uncertainty and competition for our attention, we feel under relentless pressure to perform. The pressure you are feeling is usually not just one stress, it is the accumulation of multiple stresses. From an early age we are often taught to avoid or reduce pressure, when in fact the most successful teams and people lean into pressure and they understand the art of when to apply or release it. Learn how the 5 principles of Atomic Pressure will turn high stress moments into performance success, through leaning into pressure.

In This Iinteractive And Thought-Provoking Session:

  • Learn how the 5 principles of Atomic Pressure will help you and your team win when performance matters.
  • Mindset, Resilience, Energy Management, Performance, Stress Relief.
  • Discover when to turn pressure off and when to apply pressure for individual and team success.

Duration: 3hrs

Specialisation: Change, Mindset, Mental Health, Energy Management

Suitable for: All Employees

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