Senior Facilitator | Presentation & Communication Coach | Professional Speaker

“Communication is a true superpower”

- Warren Tate



Author, Communication and presentation is your superpower

Warren Tate is a Professional Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, and expert in communication. He has worked with corporate management, start-up companies from around the world, sales teams and education institutions developing and empowering customer focussed presentations, speaking and interpersonal skills to help leaders to influence more powerfully.

As a past CEO of a real estate franchise group, Warren has assisted many business owners go from start-up to market leaders and creating a brand of influence. As an additional communication skill, Warren is an energetic auctioneer, injecting infectious energy into every auction, building rapport with the bidders, and making them comfortable and excited with the possibility of owning their new home. This skill has been used at several events as a charity auctioneer and speaker.

Warren works with fortune 500 companies, and individuals in upgrading the Number #1 Skillset on the planet, communication. He has worked with companies around the world including, IBM, Ernst & Young, NAR United States, Century 21, and multiple prop-tech businesses in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom, assisting them to grow by 1,000’s of percent of the market valuation.

As a qualified Presentation & Speaker Coach and Mentor, Warren empowers leaders and managers to clarify their message and master communication in the presentation. Warren is a powerful keynote presenter using engaging stories and humour. He has an innate ability to simplify clients’ messaging, and to translate the message into memorable presentations that influence audiences around the world.

Warren travels from Melbourne Australia




The information age is over. Your level ofsuccess in business, as a business leader orentrepreneur is dependent on your ability tocommunicate. It is no longer good enough tohave a 10 out of 10 product or service andexpect success.

With the ever-changing environment, theongoing pandemic, world events, and hybridworkplace, there is a challenge for allmanagers and C Suite executives tocommunicate to their internal and externalstakeholders the strategies that can bringthem closer together and grow their business.

Charismatic leaders have a balance ofcompetence and warmth and credibility andlikeability. They have the confidence to delivera message that bridges the gap betweenknowledge and influence.

Warren delivers his presentations with amixture of energy, science, and surprise thatwill deliver tangible and implementedstrategies for all senior management, C-Suiteexecutives, and sales consultants.


It’s not what you say but how you say it.

What does South Park, Steve Jobs and AbeLincoln all have in common? They all follow astructure of presentation that maintains thelisteners attention and is memorable andenables the presenter to focus on the mostimportant element of every presentation –how you deliver.

The greatest leaders and influencer have astructure and cadence to their presentationsthat has the listener under a spell whencombined with the powerful use of the voice,body movement and gestures.

Understanding the power of the voice is oftenunderestimated, it’s an instrument that hasthe ability to inspire passion, move people,and encourage them to take action.

The session explores the non verbal tools,when implemented in every presentation willincrease the power of your influence, theimpact on your audience, and the fastest wayto create connection


There is an art and a science to story, that iswhy story is your strategic weapon in everysingle presentation.

Storytelling has been around for over 2,000years and is the best way to make a point andinfluence others. People will always remembera fabulous story and will retell that story tofamily and friends and it may never beforgotten. But one of the biggest problemswith people telling stories is that they don’thave the skill or knowledge to share a greatstory and to incorporate them into everypitch, presentation or speech.

In this Keynote, Warren presents in aprofessional, knowledgeable and engagingmanner that provides information andimplementable strategies that work. He is wellresearched and backs up with findings fromrenowned psychologists and behaviouralscience - he provides proven strategies thatgrab the attention of the listener and deliversthe three key stories every business leaderand entrepreneur must tell.


How many seconds does it take to make a first impression?

It takes less than 7 seconds to make a firstimpression so don't waste it. Don't start withboring niceties, always start with a BIG BANG.

The number one mistake made by peoplepresenting or delivering a pitch, presentation or keynote to one or too many, is to start with the formalities or niceties.

Most people know we have between 2-7 seconds to make a first impression and through our primitive brain and our biology tells us that we judge people before they open their mouth.

There are 5 ways you can start anypresentation that will grab the listeners attention and have them wanting more.

These key strategies will be delivered in a very interactive and entertaining keynote thatdelivers tangible takeaways for the audience.