Vanitha is a highly skilled Facilitator Coach and Mentor with over 26 years of experience training leaders. She brings in vibrant energy and connection which cannot be missed in her sessions. Her signature style of delivery is simple and filled with examples, anecdotes and stories. Vanitha has dedicated the last decade to working with leaders and their emotional intelligence. She also helps them practice mindfulness and their Executive Presence.


Vanitha has experience in coaching, facilitating and training a diverse audience in more than 12 countries. She also works exclusively with women entrepreneurs and leaders helping them build their personal brand and network within and outside the organisation.


One of the key strengths of Vanitha is her creative thinking at the drop of a hat and that led her to design and create programs that have resulted in organizational change, productivity, and people retention. She has been awarded the “ Best Trainer” in APAC while working with HSBC.


Vanitha is the Founder and CEO of RadicalEdge Learning Consultants and GEMinU (Gratitude, Emotions, and Mindfulness in you) exclusively for children and youth. Her purpose in life is to “touch” children across the globe and help them connect with their emotions.




  • Emotional & Mental Wellness
  • Leadership
  • Creative Thinking
  • Business Storytelling


Location: Bengaluru, INDIA