The 9 Differences Between Charismatic Leaders and Normal Leaders

By Sam Cawthorn.

There are core fundamental differences between normal leaders and charismatic leaders and it’s not just the way they appear.

Most people make a decision from first appearance. They look at the suit, the hair and the way a person stands, however the core difference in leadership is how they communicate both verbally and non-verbally.

1. Talk with their hands

Charismatic leaders use their hands when they speak. They keep their elbows bent when communicating a message and pause their hand movement when they are not talking.

2. Pause longer

When charismatic leaders pause longer, they come across more intelligent. They breath and act calm even under stressful situations.

3. Close mouth when not speaking

Charismatic leaders keep their mouth closed when not speaking. They relax their face and their eyes are fixed.

4. End their sentence with low tonality

Charismatic leaders always finish their sentences with low tonality. This way they come across more more confident, competent and with more credibility & authority.

5. They never say “I’m sorry you feel that way”

Charismatic leaders do not make excuses, they accept and move on quickly. They forgive before offence even happens.

6. It’s never about them

Charismatic leaders always address other peoples problems first. They never make it about them and communicate every word purposefully.

7. From waist down they keep still

Charismatic leaders do not pace when they speak. They anchor their feet to the ground and move their hands only. (Feet are only moved for a reason)

8. Collar or neck of clothing is pristine

Charismatic leaders always have a tailored, starched collar line of shirt or unspoilt neckline of top. It never distracts from face features.

9. Swagger

Charismatic leaders are smart and fashionable in their stance. They walk with importance and smile and connect with genuine purpose.


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