Pavel is a communication trainer, coach, and international speaker. He has been working in customer care across different positions for more than ten years in Europe and Australia. During this period, he completed several training opportunities focused on verbal and non-verbal communication, and he holds a master’s degree in marketing communication and advertising.


With a desire for more opportunities and experiences, Pavel left his home country Slovakia, and in 2014 he relocated to Australia. He experienced some social challenges due to his limited English-speaking abilities.
He overcame his initial struggle, and today, he helps others be more confident in everyday interactions. For this reason, he’s created the COOL Communication Framework, which tends to make interpersonal communication more comprehensive to everyone. He also works with elderly people and people with disabilities to help them achieve their goals and enable them to participate in the community.


He believes communication is crucial to developing better relationships, achieving our potential, and overall happiness as it’s the cornerstone of society. Therefore, everyone should receive proper education to use communication effectively.




  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Storytelling & Storyshowing
  • Coaching
  • Self-development


Location: Sydney, AUSTRALIA