Nerissa is a professional keynote and transformational speaker who has inspired audiences globally and a two-time international bestselling author of her books Growing Through and A Different Reality. Nerissa is also the founder of the ‘Anything Is Possible’ framework and the ‘Speak for IMPACT’ program.


Nerissa is an authentic, resilient and outcome-oriented senior leader. With decades of corporate experience, Nerissa has a proven track record of leading diverse, high performing teams to deliver strategic and transformational programs. Her genuine and infectious facilitation style enables her to connect with audiences; meet them where they are and then take them to where they truly can be.
Born in India, Nerissa moved to Australia in her early twenties. As a migrant, gay woman of colour and a carer for her wife, Nerissa is no stranger to crisis and adversity. Nerissa is often recognised for her positive energy, rational thinking and calm demeanour under extreme pressure.


Nerissa is committed to coaching and empowering people to share their stories, unlock their true potential and transform both personally and professionally. Nerissa believes in growing through — not going through — life, because anything is possible when you are able to be yourself, believe in yourself and back yourself.




  • Authentic Communication & Leadership
  • Business Storyshowing
  • Mindset
  • Change Management
  • Wellbeing & Inclusion


Location: Sydney, AUSTRALIA