Teams Based Strengths Approach to Leadership

Teams that use their strengths perform better, experience increased productivity and sales, and have high employee engagement and retention. Learn how to use a Gallup Strengths team based approach to improve teamwork, team dynamics and collaboration. CliftonStrengths themes and domains give people a common language and vocabulary your employees can use to better describe, communicate with and understand each other. Why is this important? When you have people in roles that fit their talents, their energy and passion can fuel their own great performance and inspire the same from their colleagues.

Key Outcomes:

  • Learn how to effectively lead, provide feedback and succeed through a team based Gallup Strengths approach.
  • Understand their colleagues strengths and how to describe, communicate with and understand each other more effectively.
  • Discover what their team does best, how to coach and give meaningful feedback and analyze team dynamics more effectively

Duration: 3hrs

Specialisation: Team Dynamics, Leading Organisations

Suitable For: Manager, Emerging Leaders, Senior Leaders, C-Suite

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