Senior Leader Series

The gravity of leadership has shaped a new executive leader whose role has gone beyond being a leader of employees to a leader of human beings beyond the workplace. They are inspiring great leaders who care, are purposeful and collaborative.

As we confront the challenges of an uncertain world, wellbeing is now at the heart of strategic decision making and shapes the way leaders interact with our people. Navigating the challenges of disruption, uncertainty and a new working world of flexible workplaces, we need to lead the sustainable energy and momentum of our team.

Gone are the days of managing and motivating people as we now inspire people through being conscious and empowering leaders. Our role in culture, behaviour and accountability has now been disseminated across the company as employees take greater responsibility and ownership.

Our world requires pioneering and adaptable leaders who inspire high performing teams to be more resourceful, creative and agile innovators. They understand a greater need for inter-department, inter-cultural and inter-company collaboration and cooperation.

Competitive advantage is a people thing and requires greater levels of client and human centricity to meet the constantly changing needs and demands of the world. Leaders are transforming into coaches who inspire and empower individuals and teams to think differently, ask more effective questions and solve important problems.

The following programs have been designed, specifically for the needs of senior/executive leaders:

  • Leading in an Age of Disruption
  • Creating & Sustaining a Competitive Advantage
  • Gravity of Leadership
  • Leading High Performing Teams

Duration: 4 x 2-Day Programs (4hrs per day)

Specialisation: Leading Self, Leading People, Leading Organisations, Team Dynamics

Suitable For: Senior Leaders, C-Suite

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