Nurturing Relationships Virtually

We can now connect, network and build relationships globally, instantly. But are they “real” relationships? People want to work with colleagues they know, like and trust. How do we do that online? We can humanise the digital tools at our disposal, in fact it is the next evolution. How can trust be built, mutual interests recognised, and human bonds formed without ever meeting an individual face-to-face? It’s time to learn how to maximise screen time to connect on a human level through a camera and text.

Key Outcomes:

  • Discover what human connections and relationships we build online.
  • Learn how to have engaging conversations that foster relationships, build engagement and stay connected online.
  • Understand why having videos turned on, looking down the camera and having quality lighting on your employees face have a powerful effect on nurturing relationships virtually.

Duration: 3hrs

Specialisation: Leading People, Team Dynamics, Client Centricity

Suitable for: All Employees

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