Leading High Performing Teams

Discover what it takes to create performance driven cultures, nurture rising talent and lead high performing teams. What makes the difference between a team of all stars and an all star team? An all star team has absolute clarity on their vision, a strong sense of belonging, shared leadership and accountability, and regularly engage in courageous conversations. They also have a strong sense of continual evolution, have camaraderie and mutual respect for each other, their objectives are client centric, and focus on collaborative problem solving and informally sharing experiences. High performance teams aim for realising extraordinary goals and are more committed towards their vision. When it comes to business they are actively moulding their actions to align with success. Team members understand how their work fits into the vision and have defined roles and responsibilities.

Key Outcomes:

  • Learn how to create and sustain a high performance team that has high levels of talent, energy, diversity and cohesiveness.
  • How to create absolute clarity on vision, behaviors and collective team goals.
  • Discover how to identify root causes of performance problems and empower the team to find successful solutions.
  • How to use theming, heart-centricity and the art of courageous conversations.

Duration: 2 days (4hrs per day)

Specialisation: Leading People, Team Dynamics

Suitable For: Senior Leaders, C-Suite

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