Leading a Client Centric Culture

Clients and prospects evaluate your company against your competitors. To ensure that your team, department or company stands out from other companies, the client needs to be at the core of company strategy and at the centre of every decision. Having a systematic approach is necessary to determine how you segment your high value clients and prospects through focusing on client lifetime value and to continually improve the client experience. As a leader it is important that there is a client centric culture that aligns strategies, technologies and processes to the client’s needs. A client solution mindset delivers superior experiences, greater efficiencies, enhanced innovation and increased long term profitability.

Key Outcomes:

  • Learn how client centric leadership allows you to stand out from other companies.
  • Discover the levers and drivers to build a high value, client centric, focused culture.
  • Understand the reasons why companies fail to successfully implement a client centric approach and how to avoid them.

Duration: 2 days (4hrs per day)

Specialisation: Leading Organisations, Client Centricity

Suitable For: Senior Leadership, C-Suite, Board Level

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