Finding Your Leadership Style

We’ve all wondered who we are and what makes us unique. It’s important to understand your leadership identity and lead yourself first before leading others. How we perceive the way we lead may be quite different from how other people see it. The era of leadership as force, push, domination and bottom line has ended. The emergence of conscious leadership is here and involves self awareness, understanding how we think and situational awareness of the world. Gain clear insights into yourself as a leader, exploring your strengths and challenges, developing a leadership philosophy, greater leadership presence, and deepening your emotional intelligence. Reflect on your own individual leadership style and examine other styles so you have the flexibility to adapt as the situation requires.

Key Outcomes:

  • Complete a self assessment on your leadership characteristics, strengths and style.
  • Establish your leadership identity, philosophy and vision.
  • Learn how to leverage the 4 pillars of influencing your self leadership.
  • Become a conscious leader with self, situational and environmental awareness.

Duration: 2 days (4hrs per day)

Specialisation: Leading Self

Suitable For: Manager, Emerging Leaders, Senior Leaders

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