Emerging Leader Series

A new kind of leader is required for the future. Preparing emerging leaders with the human skills and confidence to be inspiring great leaders, access their leadership potential and thrive in an evolving world.

Learning how to transition from being a great individual contributor to being a leader of others takes a mindset shift. However, before you can lead others effectively, you first need to lead yourself.

Transitioning into leadership can leave many emerging leaders insecure, lacking in confidence and feeling like an imposter. Having a conscious awareness and understanding of your natural leadership strengths, how you can apply different leadership styles, and applying a leadership performance mindset allows emerging leaders to thrive.

How can emerging leaders become more resilient and better at leading and making decisions in such uncertain times? Being able to lead with influence, develop a creative environment and think differently allows emerging leaders to navigate uncertain times.

Stepping into a leadership role exposes emerging leaders to many challenging situations including managing crisis, conflict, change, competing priorities and human beings. Having new perspectives on leadership while developing a team culture where people thrive is the core to successful departments and companies.

The following programs have been designed in a sequence, specifically for the needs of emerging leaders:

Key Outcomes:

  • Finding Your Leadership Style
  • Leadership Performance Mindset
  • Leading with Influence
  • Effective Thinking, Insights & Decisions
  • Managing Challenging Situations
  • Building Cohesive & Effective Teams

Duration: 6 x 2-Day Programs (4hrs per day)

Specialisation: Leading Self, Leading People, Team Dynamics

Suitable For: Manager, Emerging Leaders

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