Crisis Creates Opportunity

How prepared are your employees for a crisis and how will they manage it? Study after study shows that crisis moments create opportunity. When we are in a crisis, we enter a mode of being that accesses our creativity and thought leadership to create ideas to get us out of the crisis. This is often known as change leadership. Crisis can creep up on us slowly or occur in a heartbeat. By using the 5 principles of Bounce Theory, you will Bounce Forward rather than bounce back when it comes to crisis management.

Key Outcomes:

  • Learn the 5 step bounce cycle to overcome any crisis.
  • Discover how focusing on the cause, not the symptom, allows your employees to focus on change and therefore the future.
  • Understand why different problems require different thinking, rather than a one size fits all approach to crisis management.

Duration: 3hrs

Specialisation: Leading Self, Leading People, Leading organisations.

Suitable for: All Employees

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