Be An Influential Leader

The world is constantly challenging us through disruption, competing priorities and competition for our attention, therefore we must take control of our own story and influence. How much of your employees’ lives do they really own and take full responsibility for? Your employees are the sum total of their decisions. They own the choices that they make. To enable the shift they need, it starts with creating their own world inspired through a process of performance by design.

Key Outcomes:

  • Learn the 8 ways to own your own influence and enhance your performance.
  • Discover why the 4 pillars of your why, your world, your enablers and your impact will shift your ability to lead both yourself and others.
  • Understand how being a servant leader will have the greatest impact on the influence you have in your world.

Duration: 3hrs

Specialisation: Leading Self

Suitable For: Manager, Emerging Leaders, Senior Leaders

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