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We have a team of international keynote speakers who will make your team think differently. Our speakers are inspirational, motivational, educational and even transformational. 

Sam Cawthorn

People Follow People - The 12 characteristics of an influential leader
Bounce Forward - Transform crisis into success
Storyshowing - Standout from the storytellers

Demian Coorey

Future of Thinking - Skills we need in the future to stay ahead of intelligent machines
New Ideas By Everyone - Come up with new ideas on demand

Jessica Kiely

Naturally Charged - How to unlock new levels of health, vitality & spiritual connection
Smart it Down - Have greater impact by saying less

Warren Tate

I Get You - Communication will change your destination
Big Bang of Influence - Captivate attention with INTENTION
Power Of Story - Uncover the power of story in communication and presentation

Craig Johns

Atomic Pressure - How to turn high stress moments into performance success, by leaning into pressure
Gravity of Leadership - The new rules of leadership
Break The CEO Code - Decode energy for the future of leadership

Dianne McCabe

FIT for CHANGE - Leading and embracing change without sacrificing mental wellbeing
Reframe the Concept of DUTY of CARE - 3 Guiding principles for a mentally healthy workplace

People Follow People

If you want to be a leader, it needs to come from the heart. At a moment when many of us have lost confidence in brands, companies, influencers and leaders, it’s time to ask why―as well as what sort of leaders we should aspire to be ourselves to bring that confidence back. We will show your employees how to embrace their true character and values to create an authentic, long-lasting connection with their colleagues, clients and prospects.

Key Outcomes:
Discover the twelve characteristics of an influential leader.
Learn how to lead with significance, integrity and success.
Determine and apply their values, mission and priorities to win the respect of their colleagues, clients and prospects.

Focus – Leadership, Influence, Communication

Bounce Forward

How to transform crisis into success

We’ve all heard about and even spoken about how we all bounce back following crisis, downturns or tough times. However, have you considered that bouncing back implies that we are not learning and going back to where it all started. The interactive presentation discovers how Bounce Forward is the only and surest way in embracing the future by learning from the crisis and failures moving towards innovation and forward thinking.

In this session you’ll discover:
How crisis can always create opportunity
Why the proximity of people we are around is our power
3 Principles to leverage happiness that fuels success

Focus – Wellbeing, Leadership, Resilience


How to stand out from the storytellers

Everything we see now is telling a story. The story of product and services, brands and organisations;
everything now is about the emotion. The next three years will shape the way we communicate for the next 30 years. The more we stop telling and start showing, at every touch point, will evoke emotional connection and this will be the defining moment in our value proposition.

In this session you’ll discover
The secret ingredients on sharing powerful stories in order to win mind and hearts
The difference and insider tips between content – What you say ; and Methodology – How you say it.
The four disruptors of the sales cycle and how to stay ahead of the curve

Focus – Storytelling, Communication, Influence

Future of Thinking

Skills we need in the future to stay ahead of intelligent machines

So, what does the future look like? Will it be mass underemployment as most of us are replaced by intelligent machines, or a future of more interesting, worthwhile work freed from routine decision making? Actual data is bearing out our belief that humans will always invent new problems to solve, which means there will always be new opportunities for business. But only if we adapt our thinking to cope with this new world of possibility

3 Key Takeaways:
Understand the trends facing business, society and the world over the next 10 years
Preview the 5 key thinking skills that all professionals will need to stay ahead of intelligent machines
How modern organisations can profit from these skills

Focus – Future Thinking, Leadership, Neuroscience

New Ideas By Everyone

How everyone (and I mean everyone) can learn to come up with useful new ideas on demand


Yes, you read it right – EVERYONE can learn this. The key future skill of Innovation Thinking is actually teachable. EVERYONE from the Chief Executive, to the accountant, to the customer service team can learn how to come up with useful new ideas whenever they’re needed. In this interactive, high energy keynote, you will learn some of the basic techniques that we teach in our half day and full day workshops.


3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Look at why innovation thinking doesn’t come naturally to us, and why traditional education has made it even harder
  2. Understand the basic principle of disruptive thinking that underpins all other techniques
  3. Showcase 4 of the most powerful techniques of innovation thinking, so you can bring them back to your workplace


Focus – Innovation Thinking, Customer Service, Strategy 

Naturally Charged

How to unlock new levels of health, vitality & spiritual connection


We are living in a time when it can feel like more and more is being asked of us every day, and yet we seem to have less and less energy to do it. Our charge – our energy, our vitality and our pleasure in living – can be zapped, depleted, drained, hijacked, influenced and interrupted by many things in our modern urban and zoom-focused world. We can walk around feeling like we are at 1% battery charge. We actually all have access to natural power devices everyday that we can plug in to so we can live more NATURALLY CHARGED and cultivate not just a “well being” but a charged up and powerFULL Being. 


In this energising session you will learn:


  1. How to become the David Attenbourough of your life by developing your deep awareness and curiosity.
  2. How to easily access nature’s power devices that are at your fingertips that will superCHARGE you daily and unlock new levels of health, vitality & spiritual connection.
  3. That your sensational senses are your gateway to heightened brain activity, personal performance, incredible pleasure and living NATURALLY CHARGED.


Focus – Health, Wellbeing, Performance

Smart It Down

Have greater impact by saying less


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Focus – Communication, Simplification, Influence

I Get You

Communication will change your destination


Sales, customer service or executive management – communication is the number one skill set on the planet and is the true superpower. Through a practical and entertaining presentation, Warren takes you on a journey that resolves the age-old problem of communication breakdown. He gives you a greater understanding of the other person’s perspective and the lens of which they view the world and ultimately how to win others attention and influence them. Warren shares powerful insights, shares enlightening stories and gives the listeners tangible takeaways to help anyone master communication for influence.


In this session you’ll learn:


  1. How to master not just the content, what you say, but the methodology, how you say it.
  2. The 4 ways how communication can change your destination
  3. How to resolve any dispute by asking 3 key questions
  4. How to understand the listener, get their attention and influence them powerfully


Focus – Communication, Influence, Leadership

Big Bang of Influence

Captivate attention with INTENTION


Show up and be ready to turn it up. Before you can ask anything of anybody, you must first grab their attention in the busiest and noisiest world that we have ever seen. The attention economy is a real thing. Attention is one of the most valuable resources of the digital age. From stage or in the digital world, it is no longer viable to seek the attention of your audience, you must captivate your audience and be an influencer of choice in this noisy world. If your intention is focused on serving your audience and delivering unprecedented value, you will captivate and influence your audience. Two of the most common questions I get asked in this ever-changing world is can you build a relationship through the lens of a camera? and can you build a connection through the lens of a camera? The simple answer is YES and YES. Master your influence by following these three simple rules for the stage and in front of the camera.


In this session you’ll learn:


  1. How to show up and turn it up
  2. Always start with a Big Bang
  3. The art and the science = connection


Focus – Communication, Influence, First Impressions

Power Of Story

Uncover the power of story in communication and presentation 


Storytelling has been around for over 2,000 years and is the best way to make a point and influence others. People will always remember a fabulous story and will retell that story to family and friends and it may never be forgotten. But one of the biggest problems with people telling stories is that they don’t have the skill or knowledge to share a great story and to incorporate them into every pitch, presentation or speech. In this Keynote, Warren presents in a professional, knowledgeable and engaging manner that provides information and implementable strategies that work. He is well researched and backs up with findings from renowned psychologists and behavioural science – he provides proven strategies that grab the attention of the listener.


In this session you’ll learn:

  1. The 6 Keys to telling a compelling story that wins hearts and minds
  2. The story framework and the 6 C’s to structuring a great story
  3. The 3 mistakes made by most presenters and storytellers
  4. The three stories every presenter or sales team must master to become more influential.


Focus – Storytelling, Communication, Presentation


How to turn high stress moments into performance success, by leaning into pressure. 


In a world of uncertainty and competition for our attention, we feel under relentless pressure to perform. When it comes to performance, pressure always wins. The most successful teams and people walk towards pressure, and they understand the art of when to apply or release it. As leaders, it is our role to manage the energy, and pressure of our people and teams. Through an engaging, interactive and entertaining session, Craig will show you how to lean into your ATOMIC PRESSURE and avoid an atomic bomb moment.


In this interactive and thought-provoking session:


  1. Learn how the 5 principles of Atomic Pressure will help you and your team wins when performance matters.
  2. Understand that low and high pressure both lead to low performance and why moderate pressure enables high performance.
  3. Discover when to turn pressure off and when to apply pressure for individual and team success.


Focus – Performance, Wellbeing, Energy Management

Gravity of Leadership

The new rules of leadership


The weight on the shoulders of leaders has taken a gravitational shift as we deal with a future of economic volatility, building a positive culture in remote teams, wellbeing being at the centre of decision making, and increasing expectations on agile innovation. Understanding the gravity of your leadership and how it positively or negatively affects the people you influence, is crucial to your own and organisation’s success. Learn the new rules of leadership, where a heart centred, human centric and nurturing rising talent approach to leading performance driven teams, is the future of successful organisations.


In this inspiring session: 


  1. Discover how to create a relentless pursuit of excellence without being ruthless or reckless. 
  2. Learn an effective process to nurture rising talent and implement a coach leadership style. 
  3. How creating company DNA has a powerful effect on collective behaviours, attitudes and belonging.


Focus – Leadership, Performance, Team Culture

Breaking the CEO Code

How to decode energy for the future of leadership.


It can be very lonely at the top. Leaders are constantly under pressure to deliver outcomes such as more perfection, profit, products and prestige. They fall into the trap of working harder and thinking that more is better, when in most cases less is more. Craig learnt first-hand the negative consequences of setting a culture of more, when flatlining in hospital, rather than facilitating a high performance environment. He will show leaders how to proactively plan and manage their energy and stress over time, to enhance their performance and productivity of themself, their company, and their relationships.


In this powerful session you will learn:


  1. The secrets to sustainable energy and leadership and performance
  2. 3 steps to becoming a Chief Energy Officer (CEO)
  3. Why energy is the #1 currency in leadership


Focus – Leadership, Wellbeing, Performance

Refuel for Teams/Organisations

Process and strategies to refuel teams in times of stress


In this time of rapid change leaders are challenged to support the wellbeing of teams & organisations in a caring yet practical way. We need to learn how to effectively refuel if we are to deliver sustainable success. This is ideally suited to teams & organisations going through transformational change or an extended period of high-pressure such as mergers, acquisitions, technology roll-outs, business integrations, organisational restructures or introducing new operating models.


In this compelling and action-oriented keynote presentation you will:


  1. Discover the relationship between stress and performance, and assess your current position
  2. Identify warning signs when your mental health may be going into decline and the preventative measures to help you get back to optimal mental health
  3. Develop your unique REFUEL Plan so you are ready to meet change with resilience


Focus – Wellbeing, Change Management, Mental Health

Reframing Duty of Care

3 guiding principles for a mentally healthy workplace


Every day, millions of people go to work while experiencing mental illness and mental ill-health. Employers have a Duty of Care for employee mental wellbeing, however employees also have a Duty of Care for their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their colleagues. This Keynote presentation is ideally suited to organisations seeking to nurture a mentally healthy workplace. It offers the opportunity for open-mic Q&A to encourage Courageous Conversations. No question is off-limits as Dianne shares her personal experiences and learnings from mental illness and burnout.


Through this presentation you will learn:


  1. The 3 guiding principles for a mentally healthy workplace
  2. Immediately implementable strategies to Care for Self and Care for Others
  3. 3 key ways to develop a culture of Courageous Conversations across your team and Organization


Focus – Mental Health, Wellbeing, Culture