INSPIRED to Lead with Confidence

2022 has been a phenomenal year of possibility and opportunity as we ignite the way we think about leadership, purpose, and the workforce. Following the previous two years where many were forced to reflect and rethink our priorities in life and the way we do work, we are now seeing many signs of agile innovation and creativity enabling people and organisations to thrive.

What has your 2022 reflection uncovered?

As we rewind on 2022 at Speakers Institute Corporate we reflect on a year of exponential global growth, increased collaboration and co-creation with clients, and continued strengthening of our cultural DNA. What we have observed when delivering corporate training, coaching, speaking and consultancy is the number one thing holding people back from being inspiring great leaders is confidence and a performance mindset in the pressure of the moment.

This coming 2023, what do you think will make you thrive as a leader?

Confidence is an essential part of leadership. But what is confidence? When it comes to leadership, you require both internal and external confidence. So let's have a look at, what we call, the House of Confidence.

Internal Confidence

1.  Foundational Confidence (foundations) - level of no matter what, I will be ok
Situational Confidence (frame) - your competence in a situation or domain
2. Daily Confidence (roof) - mindset management as you navigate various daily stresses

External Confidence
1. Projecting Confidence (walls & front door) - ability to show up in the world or a situation
2. Inspiring Confidence in Others (front yard) - how people respond after being in your presence

In this month's INSPIRED, we have shared valuable insights on how to lead with confidence from our programs with specific transformative contexts in areas of communication, leadership, client-centricity, and wellbeing.

We thank everyone for being part of the Speakers Institute Corporate community, and we look forward to supporting you and your teams' journey of inspiring great leaders.

On behalf of the entire Speakers Institute Corporate global team, we wish you a wonderful Christmas, the happiest of holidays , and an energising New Year with your family!

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Craig Johns


My Voice Series - Speakers Institute Corporate presents Warren Tate as a special guest on the My Voice video series. This is an interview delving into what has influenced Warren as an inspiring great leader. Warren is an expert in communication, the author of the best-selling book ” I Get You” and has facilitated over 1,500 corporate workshops worldwide. A Certified Speaking Coach, Warren focuses on the psychology, biology and behavioural science behind the human brain and its ability to communicate. Expertise – Presentation structure | Non-Verbal Communication | Stagecraft | Story Magic | Storytelling & Storyshowing. As an Advanced Facilitator Warren focuses on crafting presentations, business storytelling, communication and how to pitch.


Communication - The ability to project ourselves with confidence & certainty, are vital skills in almost every aspect of our professional and personal lives. Confidence is a state that we experience, in our bodies, as a result of cultivating certainty and conviction in what we do, say and believe. We look at the intrinsic motivators behind having confidence and certainty in yourself and the work that you do, so you can better influence and persuade others

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Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #160 -

On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with David Kidder about New To Big igniting growth, finding your proprietary gift, the interior life of leaders, 3 jobs of a Founder, and venture investing entrepreneurship.
We also delve into creating an idea-killing machine, the only way to go faster is to do less work, not being a well-rounded person, breaking the addiction of always being right, enabling permission and how did you bet your life?

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Wellbeing - The world we live in has experienced rapid change, leading to a level of uncertainty that most human beings have never experienced before. As a result this can lead to a weight on your shoulders that can be very heavy and affect your mood, performance, productivity and happiness. How can you effectively respond to the negative stress this can create? Creating an awareness of where you are at and then taking internal control of your thoughts, decisions and actions is the start of having a positive wellbeing and performance at work, with family and in your personal life. We share strategies, routines and habits that can improve your resilience, enhance your energy management and apply positive psychology.

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Wellbeing - An effective leader understands the importance of how their emotions and actions affect the people around them. The ability to relate to and work with other people defines the success of a leader. A leader’s Emotional Intelligence is a result of their self-awareness, self-management, relationship management, empathy, and effective communication. How well do your employees know, understand, and respond to emotions, overcome stress at the moment, and are aware of how their words and actions affect others?

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Wellbeing - In a world of uncertainty and competition for our attention, we feel under relentless pressure to perform. The pressure you are feeling is usually not just one stress, it is the accumulation of multiple stresses. From an early age, we are often taught to avoid or reduce pressure, when in fact the most successful teams and people lean into pressure and they understand the art of when to apply or release it.

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Wellbeing - Successful leadership requires a high-performance mindset and approach. Being relentless in your pursuit of performance is important if you want to succeed, however, you need to be relentless without being ruthless and reckless. Having a high-performance mindset requires focusing on you as an individual as well as a leader of people. Creating a psychologically safe space for your team to innovate, stay relevant and enjoy their work requires a leader to have a caring mindset that gives permission and builds trust.

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Introducing Our Team - Aanchal Jhunjhunwala is a Chartered Accountant and Wealthy Minimalism expert who is also known as the “Decluttering Queen”. She is an Author, Speaker, and International Trainer who works with individuals, teams and organisations to transform their belief about money and well-being, through Passion + Selling

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You have been asked to speak at an upcoming conference. It is likely that you are feeling a mix of nerves, excitement, anxiety, anticipation, and uncertainty. You are not alone as these emotions are common especially as you are doing something for the first time. What do you do next? This thought leadership series webinar provides you with a practical approach to preparing for speaking at a conference.