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We are very excited to launch this monthly newsletter, which will inspire you to think differently, communicate with clarity, lead more effectively and be a well being.


INSPIRED is all about providing you with value, fresh insights, strategies and tips from the most sought after and experienced facilitators and thought leaders at Speakers Institute Corporate.


As leaders, whether of small or large groups, we have a responsibility to take care of our people and ourselves. Simon Sinek recently said in an interview, “Choosing to be a leader means choosing to take care of those around us.”


In this edition of INSPIRED we take a look at caring for our people through your gravity of leadership and sharing vulnerability, our clients through relationship selling, ourselves through the power of pressure and overcoming imposter syndrome, and our relationships through managing challenging situations.


I am curious, how will you take care of the people you are leading in 2022?


We have taken the liberty of sending you this because of our previous connection and we definitely want to show you how much we value our relationship.


It’s the New Year, often a time for new goals as well as renewed energy to get things done. How will people feel INSPIRED by the actions you take?


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Craig Johns



Article: Craig Johns – Your Gravity of Leadership has the power to create or destroy, inspire or dishearten, empower or restrict, include or exclude, thrive or struggle, be present or distant, fight or flight, strengthen or weaken and grow or wither away.


What I have found is that when you are conscious and intentional about your leadership, you can increase the chances of your Gravity of Leadership having a positive impact and influence on people, teams and companies.”


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Introducing Our Team – Dianne is a Change & Resilience Coach, Consultant, Facilitator & Speaker.


She has a 20+ year corporate career in technology and organisational change, she now focuses her expertise on helping global leaders build change, resilience and leadership capability in themselves, their teams and their organisations.


Dianne is an accredited Prosci®/ADKAR Change Practitioner and certified Life Coach.


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Client Centricity Program – Many people fall into the mode of quick wins by using product and solution selling, which leads to short and medium term client relationships. To secure the high value long-term client accounts it requires a relationship selling for the new economy approach.



Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #163 – Dane Jensen talks about The Power of Pressure, why pressure isn’t the problem it’s the solution, high stakes pressure moments and being pressure ambidextrous.


We also delve into how to navigate pressure for the long-haul, what happens when pressure builds, the discipline of active awareness of pressure and the unconscious competency of being in a flow state.


Listen to Podcast #163



Leadership Program – How do we create certainty in an uncertain world, stay composed under the pressure of multiple challenges and balance emotion with reasoning when handling difficult situations?


Challenging situations occur on a daily basis as people have different thoughts, perspectives and backgrounds when there are teams, contracts, partnerships and relationships involved.


Sometimes we need to address behaviours, deliver bad news or resolve conflicts, where it is important to focus on behaviour and events, rather than personalities.


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Wellbeing Series – Wellbeing has become the number one priority in many organisations and is fast becoming the centre of strategic decision making. How can you support the wellbeing of your employees and teams?




“To stop feeling like an imposter, you have to stop thinking like an imposter.” Everyone has imposter thoughts. Learn how to overcome imposter syndrome, through removing the self doubt, reframing the conversation with your inner voice & shifting from feelings to facts.


Date: 8th February 2022
Time: 12-12.30pm (AEDT Sydney)
Duration: 30 minutes
Platform: Online via zoom (register to attend)
Structure: Thought Leadership Series (monthly)
Price: FREE for anyone interested
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Have you ever felt frustrated that your great idea, initiative or product hasn’t been approved, supported or purchased by a CEO or C-Suite from your company, a prospect or current client? Join us to learn how to present to & influence C-Suite.


Date: 14-15th March 2022
Time: 1-5pm (AEDT Sydney)
Duration: 2days, 2x 4-hour sessions
Platform: Online via zoom (limited to 18x people)
Structure: content, practice & personalised feedback
Price: AUD$985 (including GST)
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LinkedIn paints a digital first impression of you for your clients, colleagues, new prospects & industry community. It’s more than just a resume or a professional profile, it is an essential component of building credibility for your current & future corporate relationships. Discover how to develop your professional profile & build credibility with LinkedIn.


Date: 6th April 2022
Time: 12-12.30pm (AEST Sydney)
Duration: 30 minutes
Platform: Online via zoom (register to attend)
Structure: Thought Leadership Series (monthly)
Price: FREE for anyone interested
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