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What is the future of leading people and culture? First it starts with what do employees want? We have observed the following five areas as to what employees are looking for:


    1. Happiness
    2. Freedom
    3. Purpose (independence & connectedness)
    4. Collaboration
    5. Belonging


The fifth area is the game changer. How can you create a sense of belonging and connectedness where people feel heard, valued, cared for, and respected as a human in what they do, say and be.


When Ford took over the Jaguar company, they implemented a culture change to improve their competitiveness, given the changes in the car industry. Specifically, they wanted an organizational culture that moved from traditional manufacturing techniques to new values of flexibility, initiative, and responsibility. To engage in this culture change, Jaguar first assessed the employees’ current beliefs and attitudes to know where things stood. They then engaged in an extensive set of multiple communication and participation strategies, including three-day management workshops about the change. Through extensive communication and participation, employees were able to more effectively understand and accept the culture change.


At Speakers Institute Corporate, culture is embedding in everything we do both internally and externally when working with clients and interacting with prospects. Our recent Speakers Institute Corporate Showcase Events with the theme Future of Leading People and Culture on what it takes to create, build and maintain a successful culture with a sense of belonging. We focused on your gravity of leadership at the recent Melbourne, Bangalore and Mumbai Showcase events in May and will continue to share inspiring future trends and ideas in Sydney and Canberra in Q3.


How are you approaching the future to leading people and culture and ensuring that your people are your greatest priorities?


Diversity and Inclusion is a hot topic. When it comes to inclusion, we need to go beyond just gender, race age and religion to the underlying essence of what it takes to prevent people feeling excluded. The unknown problem of exclusion is behaviour, non-verbal communication and the language that we speak which may consciously or subconsciously have a negative effect on people where they feel like they dont belong and/or hurt. On the 8th June, Nerissa Trindade will deliver a powerful Speakers institute Corporate thought leadership series event on Inclusive Language. You don’t want to miss it, so please sign up below.


If you need support in creating a more inclusive culture that creates a sense of belonging and connectedness, then please reach out and arrange a call with me and we can discuss further.


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Craig Johns

The world is evolving every day as human beings adapt to a fast changing environment. Even with such unexpected and accelerated change there is always one constant and that is ‘communication’. It’s the heart and soul of leadership, wellbeing and organisations.



Article: Craig Johns 


Why do people like Steve Jobs, Margaret Thatcher, Roger Federer, JK Rowling, Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Bono, Lady Gaga, Leonardo de Vinci, Marilyn Munroe, Robin Williams and Richard Branson not fit inside the box?


You may notice that the worlds geniuses, gifted people and creative artists are different. They have unique characteristics that seem quirky, a bit weird and don’t quite fit into the normal way of life. So why are they somewhat social misfits, renegades and a real challenge to deeply connect with?


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Introducing Our Team – Nerissa is a professional speaker who has moved audiences globally, a speaker coach and author of two international bestsellers.


With decades of corporate experience, she is also the founder of the ‘Anything Is Possible’ framework and the ‘Speak for IMPACT’ program. Nerissa is committed to empowering and transforming people’s lives.


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Leadership – Globalisation is occurring at an extremely fast pace and with the ease of digitisation, the rate of exposure to greater diversity and interaction with different cultures has rapidly grown. A competitive advantage is a result of creating a client centric company and sustaining it is down to the quality of teamwork, wellbeing and culture.


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My Voice Series – Speakers Institute Corporate presents Aanchal Jhunjhunwala as a special guest on the My Voice video series. This is an interview delving into what has influenced Aanchal as an inspiring great leader.



Organisation – Having clarity of your vision, makes it easy to say no.


The most successful companies, teams and individuals have absolute clarity on their purpose and vision. We work with you to understand the purpose of your company and then identify your shared vision. Once you have absolute clarity, it makes it easy to say no to the ideas and opportunities that aren’t in alignment.


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Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #162 – On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Nic Marks feeling fast and thinking slow, 5 ways of wellbeing, the unintended consequences of our lifestyles, and the tension between good lives now and good lives in the future.


We also delve into his The Happy Planet Index TED talk with over 2.5million views, happiness is a social emotion, the power of the Friday Pulse, how COVID has landed very unevenly for people, the quarterly cadence and how do we live happily and sustainably as a species?g and learning, the Natural Perfume Collective, and having close relationships with a highly successful and driven entrepreneur.


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Organisation – Having clarity of your vision, makes it easy to say no.


The most successful companies, teams and individuals have absolute clarity on their purpose and vision. We work with you to understand the purpose of your company and then identify your shared vision. Once you have absolute clarity, it makes it easy to say no to the ideas and opportunities that aren’t in alignment.


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Communication – Every day we have conversations with colleagues, clients and prospects, but how often are they effective in reaching the outcome they desire? Employees will learn how to gain clarity on their intention of a conversation, understand what to say and how to say it, and the importance of being present. We teach your employees powerful questioning and listening skills to engage and connect at a deeper level. They will discover how to handle conflict and objections during conversations to ensure a positive outcome


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Wellbeing – Change can bring about uncertainty and fear of the unknown, which can cause anxiety and stress or it can bring hope, opportunity and a sense of positivity to move forward. How can you adapt to and embrace change without sacrificing your wellbeing? It is important to reframe a situation where you may feel powerless and overwhelmed by focusing on the things you can control. Be kind to yourself and focus on your self care by managing your energy levels, maintaining perspective, and allowing yourself to be adaptable and flexible.


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Wellbeing Series – Wellbeing has become the number one priority in many organisations and is fast becoming the centre of strategic decision making. How can you support the wellbeing of your employees and teams?




In an age of hyper-convergence, the world’s leading organisations are now asking ‘how do we change and adapt to meet the future?’ What does it mean to create #afuturebydesign for business, the broader community, and for our planet? How might leading organisations adapt and harness the potential of exponential technology? How do you enable your leadership to take a courageous step towards influencing the world through knowledge and action? And how do we ensure that the Values of Humanity are central in all dialogues? .


Delivered by WAVIA
Date: 30 May – 3 June 2022
Duration: 3.5 days
Location: voco Kirkton Park, Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia
Structure: world class speakers & futurists, accommodation, meals, excursions and graduation ceremony.
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Was there a time you felt really included, like a deep sense of belonging? How did that make you feel?


Inclusion is a word that has become commonplace, when it comes to leadership, over the past decade. Often people associate inclusion only with gender, race or age, however there is much more to creating an inclusive space for everyone.


Date: 8th July 2022
Time: 12-12:30pm (AEST Sydney)
Duration: 30 minutes
Platform: Online via zoom
Structure: Monthly Thought Leadership Series
Price: FREE for anyone interested
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Join us as we bring some of Melbourne’s leading C-Suite and HR leaders together, as we showcase and share with you leading industry knowledge on leadership, resilience and change from Speakers Institute Corporate’s Founders and Senior Experts.


Date: 10th August 2022
Time: 6-8:30pm (AEST Sydney)
Location: (C.B.D.)
F&B: Canapes plus refreshments
Event: Corporate with speakers & networking
Attendees: C-Suite, Business Owners & HR Leaders
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Have you ever felt frustrated that your great idea, initiative or product hasn’t been approved, supported or purchased by a CEO or C-Suite from your company, a prospect or current client? We have found that understanding the psychology of C-Suite and their decision making process, how to structure your presentation and mastering your communication enables you to effectively influence C-Suite to take the desired action you require.


Date: 29th-30th August 2022
Time: 1pm-5pm (AEDT Sydney)
Duration: 2days, 2x 4-hour sessions
Platform: Online via zoom (limited to 18x people)
Structure: content, practice & personalised feedback
Price: AUD$495 (including GST)
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