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The world is unfair. For many, the world has come alive again as borders reopen, confidence to return to the office rises and people are comfortable in attending events. In other parts of the world people are fighting for their life, freedom and a chance to make a difference in the world.


Even with new uncertainty in the world, it is encouraging to see an exponential growth in corporate training, coaching and keynote speaking requests as companies realise the importance of continuing to up skill their people and improve company culture to meet the needs of the new working environment. Whether it be developing emerging leaders, improving employee wellbeing, embedding new cultures of collaboration or even upgrading the ability to network and build relationships, communication is at the heart of everything we do.


Our 2022 global series of Speakers Institute Corporate Showcases launched in February with a great turn out in Singapore and now will head to Melbourne, Bangalore and Mumbai in May. The focus of the upcoming showcases is The Future of HR – People & Culture. Please contact us if you would like to attend Melbourne (May 5th), Bangalore (May 11th) or Mumbai (May 18th) and check out the video highlights below from our Singapore Showcase that focused on the Future of Business and Leadership.


With a heart-centered and human-centric approach at Speakers Institute Corporate, we see great value in creating and developing meaningful partnerships. One of those partnerships is with WAVIA who are doing some incredible work in empowering people to have impact through the intersection of the Values of Humanity and the Value of Technology. Check out the Executive Education Program details in the Upcoming Events section below.


In Speakers Institute Corporate, we put people, relationships and a culture of belonging first. Please enjoy our latest insights, thought leadership and program offerings.


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Craig Johns



Article: Craig Johns – Have you ever wondered what allows someone to achieve high levels of success?


Whether in sport, business, leadership, music, art or many other areas of life, they find a way to achieve extraordinary things. They may be extremely gifted, but quite often they aren’t the most talented. What separates the best from the rest, the ordinary from the extraordinary? Successful leadership requires a high performance mindset and approach.


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Introducing Our Team – Faireeq Hashim is a personal development coach, a keynote speaker and co-author of an Amazon best seller book with experience in both the public and private business sector. Having lived in London, Malaysia, New York, Spain and now in Singapore she focuses on how the power of consciousness, limiting beliefs and emotional awareness can impact mental wellbeing and career. She specialises in first impressions, non-verbal communication, inspiring transformational change, and confidence & certainty.


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Organisation – Create an identity and feeling of belonging that matters.


People are innately wired to belong and have an identity. Establishing your company’s DNA will determine how your employees connect with the purpose, go about their work, approach clients and work together as a team to achieve it. You will identify attitudes and behaviours, develop accountability and unite as a closely aligned team.


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Speakers Institute Corporate’s amazing team where difference is valued and celebrated on International Women’s Day.



Leadership Program – – A new kind of leader is required for the future.

Preparing emerging leaders with the human skills and confidence to be inspiring great leaders, access their leadership potential and thrive in an evolving world. Learning how to transition from being a great individual contributor to being a leader of others takes a mindset shift. However, before you can lead others effectively, you first need to lead yourself.


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Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #165 – In this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Simon Severino about business resilience with strategy sprints, entrepreneurs are forces of nature, developing reliable revenue systems and the future of blockchain technology. Simon Severino is the CEO of Strategy Sprints, where they help entrepreneurs scale their online business to secure business resilience and repeatable revenues. He is the host of the Strategy Sprints podcast, and a TEDx keynote speaker in agile strategy and sales.


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Leadership Program – Achieving success in this working environment, both now and in the future, requires taking the lessons from the past and reframing them for the present in order to confront the uncertainty of the future. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated our need for adaptability and agile innovation, and revealed our vulnerabilities and gaps in our business models. It has led to blurred boundaries, fluid collaborations and pressure to be more agile. Sometimes we need to take a low risk approach in retooling our existing business model and focusing on resourcefulness versus resources, and other times we need to use visioning and a futuristic mindset to disrupt the way we work.


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Wellbeing – Speakers Institute Corporate Facilitator and Change & Resilience Coach, Dianne McCabe speaks about the changes happening at all levels of an organisation and if we think about building people’s resilience, how do they adapt to change?




Develop your professional profile and build credibility with LinkedIn. In this influential Thought Leadership Series session Craig Johns will share with you the essentials of Linkedin and how to enhance your profile page. He will also show you how to establish your LinkedIn eminence and position yourself as a respected leader through effective content strategies and nurturing conversations.


6th April 2022
Time: 12-12:30pm (AEST Sydney)
Duration: 30 minutes
Platform: Online via zoom
Price: FREE for anyone interested
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Speakers Institute Corporate invites you to join our April 2022 Briefing, focusing on the Future of HR – People & Culture, to learn about our diverse programs in Wellbeing, Communication, Leadership and Organisational Design. In this complimentary online briefing session, we will share programs and curriculum in the areas of behaviour & cultural change, our company DNA and the gravity of leadership. We will also provide great value that you can use to improve your communication, leadership and performance.


Date: 27th April 2022
Time: 12-1:00pm (AEST Sydney)
Platform: Online via zoom (register to attend)
Structure: Interactive briefing session(register to attend)
Price: Price: FREE for anyone interested from Human Resource, Learning & Development (C.B.D.)
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The Future of HR – People & Culture – Join Speakers Institute Corporate as we bring some of Melbourne’s leading C-Suite and HR leaders together for a night of inspired learning and networking. We will showcase and share with you leading industry knowledge on people & culture, leadership, resilience and change from Speakers Institute Corporate’s Founders and Senior Experts.


Date: 5th May 2022
Time: 6-8:30pm (AEST Sydney)
Duration: 2.5 hours
Location: Melbourne Business School
F&B: Canapes plus alcoholic & non-alcoholic drink
Event: Corporate with expert speakers & networking
Attendees: C-Suite, Business Owners & HR Leaders
Registration: Complimentary by invitation only
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Have you ever felt frustrated that your great idea, initiative or product hasn’t been approved, supported or purchased by a CEO or C-Suite from your company, a prospect or current client? We have found that understanding the psychology of C-Suite and their decision making process, how to structure your presentation and mastering your communication enables you to effectively influence C-Suite to take the desired action you require.


Date: 9-10th May 2022/span>
Time: 1pm-5pm (AEDT Sydney)
Duration: 2days, 2x 4-hour sessions
Platform: Online via zoom (limited to 18x people)
Structure: content, practice & personalised feedback
Price: AUD$495 (including GST)
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In an age of hyper-convergence, the world’s leading organisations are now asking ‘how do we change and adapt to meet the future?’ What does it mean to create #afuturebydesign for business, the broader community, and for our planet? How might leading organisations adapt and harness the potential of exponential technology? How do you enable your leadership to take a courageous step towards influencing the world through knowledge and action? And how do we ensure that the Values of Humanity are central in all dialogues?


Empowered by WAVIA
Date: 30 May – 3 June 2022
Duration: 3.5 days
Location: voco Kirkton Park, Hunter Valley, Australia
Structure: world class speakers & futurists
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