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Stories have the ability to move us, make us feel seen and heard, and inspire us to take action. When we incorporate these stories into our conversations, we can create a powerful connection with those around us, fostering a sense of empathy and understanding.

They can also be a powerful tool for igniting meaningful discussions and fostering positive change. These conversations can lead to a deeper understanding of the business and the people involved, and ultimately, to improvements in the workplace culture and productivity and to closing more deals with clients.

If we want to create impactful conversations, it's important to seek out and share stories that inspire us - whether it's through case studies turned into product stories, personal stories of experience when leading a team, or helping people pitch ideas through visualisation of storytelling and story showing. By doing so, we create a dialogue that is grounded in authenticity and empathy, allowing us to connect on a deeper level and shifting the outcomes of our pitch and presentations.

If you're struggling in that area of communication and want to get more C-Suite to say yes more often, now is the time to REGISTER for the Mastering Communication and Presenting to C-Suite program happening on March 27th. Develop the ability to learn how to incorporate and build your presentations around stories to enable you to effectively influence C-Suite to take the desired action you require.

And if you want to take your leadership skills to the next level - don't miss out on discovering the Gravity of Leadership with us on March 1st. Check out our upcoming events at the end of this newsletter.

How can we influence people from going beyond facts and figures by incorporating storytelling? We are here to support you by helping you unlock the potential of stories and weaving them into meaningful and powerful conversations with your people and your clients.

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My Voice Series - Speakers Institute Corporate presents Warren Tate as a special guest on the My Voice video series. This is an interview delving into what has influenced Demian as an inspiring great leader. He is an expert in communication, the author of the best-selling book ” I Get You” and has facilitated over 1,500 corporate workshops worldwide. A Certified Speaking Coach, Warren focuses on the psychology, biology and behavioural science behind the human brain and its ability to communicate. His expertise are revolves around presentation structure, non-verbal communication, stagecraft, story magic, storytelling & storyshowing.


Leadership - A new kind of leader is required for the future. Preparing emerging leaders with the human skills and confidence to be inspiring great leaders, access their leadership potential and thrive in an evolving world. Stepping into a leadership role exposes emerging leaders to many challenging situations including managing crisis, conflict, change, competing priorities and human beings. Having new perspectives on leadership while developing a team culture where people thrive is the core to successful departments and companies.

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Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #173 -

On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Dr. Brett Dellar on his new book Soften The F#*k Up!, overcoming depression, being left on a doorstep as a baby and empowering men to become a better man in today’s world.

We also dive into the The moMENtum Revolution, parenthood, leading with vulnerability, speaking up and changing the negative stigma around mental health.

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Wellbeing - An effective leader understands the importance of how their emotions and actions affect the people around them. The ability to relate to and work with other people, defines the success of a leader. A leader’s Emotional Intelligence is a result of their self-awareness, self-management, relationship management, empathy, and effective communication. How well do your employees know, understand, and respond to emotions, overcome stress in the moment, and are aware how their words and actions affect others?

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Organisation - What is the client’s need you are solving? What is the one intention of where you will focus your attention? Our team works with your company through a collaborative process that identifies your key priorities, maps out actionable milestones and minimises the surprises. The result is a strategy that is simple, memorable, repeatable and easily measured.

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Communication - According to science humans are hardwired for stories. Hearing a well told tale literally causes a cascade of brain and hormonal changes that ramp up feelings of excitement, empathy and psychological reward. We help your employees to discover a selection of tools and techniques to enhance their Storytelling and Storyshowing abilities. These improved communication skills will give them the confidence and ability to be more proactive when engaging through the powerful message of story, whether dealing with colleagues, clients or prospects, and sharing the Company Vision or personal story to inspire people to action.

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Client Centricity - Without clients, a company doesn’t exist. The experience a client has with your company will determine whether they will engage in repeat business and refer you to other companies. Account management is a crucial element of many managers, directors and executives roles. Your employees will learn effective communication strategies to ensure the client journey from acquisition, to nurturing, and retention is engaging and appropriate. Being able to develop key relationships and understand important lenient touchpoints are an invaluable component of great client experience.

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Introducing Our Team - Kendryll joins SIC as its new Content Marketing Specialist. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication Arts and has a background in journalism, filmmaking, and digital media.

She is an advocate for mental health and is an active member of the Philippine Mental Health Association and a volunteer writer for Letters of Hope.

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Understanding the Gravity of Leadership and how it positively or negatively affects the people you influence, is crucial to your team, company, and your own success

Understand the new rules of leadership, where people admire a heart-centered and human-centric approach.

Date: 1st March 2023
Time: 12:00-12:30pm Sydney Time
Event: Monthly Thought Leadership Series
Platform: Online via zoom
Facilitator: Craig Johns
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