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Building organisations where people want to do their best rest on the shoulders of leaders that enable people to grow and be happy at work. Dr. Ron Friedman, who researches such organisations, tells us that happy employees work in companies that meet their employees’ needs, not only physical but also psychological.


The satisfaction of basic psychological needs of autonomy, competence and relatedness are at the heart of employee engagement and these trends are well supported by the Self Determination Theory.


Psychological need for autonomy can be satisfied by empowering employees to make decisions on how, when and where they do their jobs. The need for competence can be fostered by effective praise and appropriate on-the-job challenges. Finally, relatedness is exemplified in high-quality relationships that make us feel like we are a part of a community. Not surprisingly Gallup organisational surveys measuring employee wellbeing show that workplace friendships are a strong predictor of job satisfaction.


Earlier this month we worked with a company to deliver a 2.5 day leadership conference focused on leading with an enterprising heart. The heart and soul of the conference was about sense of belonging, connectedness, collaboration and serving the community through the power of story. We focused on the 5 core drivers for employees, that we have noticed in the workplace, of happiness, freedom, purpose, collaboration and belonging through keynotes, workshops, activities and business unit sessions. The result an inspired group of leaders who were all on the same page of leading with wellbeing in mind.


In this month’s INSPIRED by Speakers Institute Corporate, we want to give you value by sharing some of the recipes for an effective team and living relationships working toward a shared goal. A healthy culture that fosters engagement is what enables us to thrive at work and while the leadership team can go a long way in creating optimal working conditions, a significant aspect of job satisfaction rests with the efforts that are under everyone’s individual control.

What do you do to make your people be engaged, involved and committed to their work?


Check out our upcoming events on Calm Under Pressure (July 6th), Future of Leading People & Culture (August 10th) and Mastering Presentation to C-Suite (Aug 28-29) at the end of this newsletter.


If you need support in creating cohesive teams with a sense of purpose and direction and involve them in a shared goal, then please reach out and arrange a call with me and we can discuss further.


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Craig Johns


Speakers Institute Corporate Facilitators share strategies, routines and habits that can improve your resilience, enhance your energy management and apply positive psychology.



Case Study: Billigence


Billigence has enjoyed huge success in the data analytics and data visualisation space in the 10 years since its founding. However, a disproportionate amount of new business was still coming through the door courtesy of its number 1 deal maker, the charismatic, hard driving CEO and co-founder, Jana Kapr.


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Introducing Our Team – Bee has had more than 10 years as a Personal Assistant, and has extensive experience in administration and management. With a Bachelor of Arts in International Business: China, she has a lot of experience working in multicultural and multinational companies.


As Speakers Institute Corporate’s Project Administrator and Prgram Manager, she thrives in managing multiple tasks in a high pressure environment, while always maintaining a smile.


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Leadership – To create a powerful team culture, growth and relevancy, it is valuable for leaders to consider diversity of thought, perspective and experiences. Before leaders focus on being more strategic, communicate persuasively, and act decisively, they first need to be human-centric and heart-centred. Cohesive teams evolve through collectively aligning individuals with group goals, developing the team DNA, and empowering team members to establish appropriate behaviours and hold themselves accountable.


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My Voice Series – Speakers Institute Corporate presents Pedro Estrella as a special guest on the My Voice video series. This is an interview delving into what has influenced Pedro as an inspiring great leader.



Organisation – Energy is the #1 currency in leadership

Leadership is all about energy management. Discover how to reduce the incidence of burnout, stress, overwhelm and mistakes by effectively planning your team’s energy and recovery, and managing their workload. Develop company wide habits of scheduling, focusing and investing in your energy through Periodisation, Presence and Performance.


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Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #166 – On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Dr. Barbara Dalle Pezze about The Unexpected Gift and dive deep into the inner work of leadership and cross-cultural diversity.
They also talk about conscious leadership, the importance of radical leadership, and gender and inter-generational collaboration.


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Communication – The Covid-19 pandemic has required your employees to develop new skills as they face pitching proposals and ideas in a world of remote working and a strained global economy. To secure important contracts and sales, your employees are required to learn how to pitch and positively influence their clients and prospects online. We teach your employees how to effectively communicate their pitch in a positive manner that will help them influence those they are pitching to with a ‘Call to Action’ as the desired result.


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Checking In With Your People with Jessica Kiely and Sam Cawthorn




High performing leaders understand the importance of leading from the inside out.Using high performance techniques from sport, military and other performance focused professions learn how you can remain calm, composed and in control when it matters most. What is your mindset in the pressure of the moment?


6th July 2022
Time: 12-12:30pm (AEST Sydney)
Duration: 30 minutes
Platform: Online via zoom
Price: FREE for anyone interested
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Join us as we bring some of Melbourne’s leading C-Suite and HR leaders together, as we showcase and share with you leading industry knowledge on leadership, resilience and change from Speakers Institute Corporate’s Founders and Senior Experts.


Date: 10th August 2022
Time: 6-8:30pm (AEST Sydney)
Location: (C.B.D.)
F&B: Canapes plus refreshments
Event: Corporate with speakers & networking
Attendees: C-Suite, Business Owners & HR Leaders
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Have you ever felt frustrated that your great idea, initiative or product hasn’t been approved, supported or purchased by a CEO or C-Suite from your company, a prospect or current client? We have found that understanding the psychology of C-Suite and their decision making process, how to structure your presentation and mastering your communication enables you to effectively influence C-Suite to take the desired action you require.


Date: 29th-30th August 2022
Time: 1pm-5pm (AEDT Sydney)
Duration: 2days, 2x 4-hour sessions
Platform: Online via zoom (limited to 18x people)
Structure: content, practice & personalised feedback
Price: AUD$495 (including GST)
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