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We are at a time in history where workplace culture will change and evolve faster than any time before. What works for our company today will change tomorrow.

The world is in the midst of a honeymoon phase when it comes to flexible, remote or hybrid working. Artificial intelligence and technology is constantly reshaping the way we do work. Human intelligence and the way we have made decisions in the past is being tested for the future.

Our workplace culture is evolving daily, and it is becoming increasingly evident that leadership must adapt and evolve to effectively harness its potential. How we communicate, collaborate and lead culture requires 100% of our attention to remain an employer of choice.

Leaders must champion a mindset that embraces change, uncertainty and possibility. One of the crucial roles of leadership in the future workforce is to guide employees through the process of upskilling and continuous learning. A leader understands the importance of investing in their team's development, helping them acquire new skills and adapt to changing job and company requirements.

Equip yourself and your team with the necessary skills to remain agile and keep up with the rapidly changing business by learning how to CARRY THE TORCH and LEADING HIGH-PERFORMING TEAMS.

Our next professional development for individuals series launches in August with 4x world class programs on speaking at a conference, presenting to C-Suite, leading powerful meetings and leading with confidence. Take advantage of our exclusive end-of-year sale and invest in your professional growth at an unbeatable price of A$970 for all 4x programs. This exceptional opportunity allows you to develop your communication skills like never before. Hurry, this one time offer ends on June 30th 2023!

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Speakers Institute Corporate brings you four of our best world class programs that we deliver to our global Fortune 100 clients.

Check out our upcoming programs

1. Speaking At A Conference - 15 August
2. Mastering Communication & Presentation To C-Suite - 12 September
3. Leading Powerful Conversations - 10 October
4. Leading With Confidence & A Performance Mindset - 14 November

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Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #187 -

On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Roxanne Calder about Employable In The Future, human resources, and balancing recruitment and redundancies.

We also dive deeper into the attributes to assure your working future, verbal and non-verbal communication in leadership, and HR issues affecting the modern workforce.

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Leadership - Sometimes we need to address behaviours, deliver bad news or resolve conflicts, where it is important to focus on behaviour and events, rather than personalities. How can we place wellbeing and people's individual motivations at the heart of change management and decision-making? We cannot avoid crisis situations no matter how good our mitigation strategies are. Being able to develop a crisis management plan and the confidence to lead it, is critical.

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My Voice Series - Speakers Institute Corporate presents Chuen Chuen Yeo as a special guest on the My Voice video series. This is an interview delving into what has influenced Chuen Chuen as an inspiring great leader. Chuen Chuen is an author, speaker, coach, and facilitator. Author of the 8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility, she is the creator of a proprietary agile leadership framework and is passionate about helping leaders stay relevant and effective, and maximise their impact in a changing world.


Consultancy - Build a company wide leadership culture where nurturing rising talent, integrated high performance feedback and debriefs, and leadership mentoring and coaching occurs at all levels of the organisation. Create a gravitational shift by empowering employee leadership growth through cultivating leadership identification, development and performance.

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Communication - With so many video calls and screen fatigue setting in, it can be a real challenge for your employees to hold people’s attention and successfully present online. How do I present in front of a camera, where do I look and how do I use my body language, are all questions your employees are facing when trying to deliver a powerful pitch, presentation or proposal that gets the outcomes they desire. Improve your employees ability to communicate their message effectively to an audience, whilst keeping them engaged and attentive.

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Culture Is Your DNA - Recently the Speakers Institute Corporate CEO, Craig Johns, presented Culture Is Your DNA as part of our monthly free Thought Leadership Series. Watch the full replay as Craig shares why creating company DNA is better than values; learn how to gain absolute clarity in your vision and define the team culture; understand the key ingredients to creating the right culture; and discover ways to nurture, foster and evolve your culture for sustainable success. Join us for our next FREE Thought leadership Series event, CARRY THE TORCH, on Thursday 1st June (12-12.30pm Sydney Time) Link


Client Centricity - We will teach your employees how to close the big deals that matter. Effective planning, understanding the problem you are solving and focusing on your value proposition are fundamental to closing a deal. Being aware of who the decision makers are and how decisions are made in a company is crucial for successfully closing a deal. Having the conviction and certainty that their solution is the ideal option for the client ensures they are in the best position to close a deal.

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Wellbeing - Burnout, stress, overwhelm and mistakes occur when you don’t effectively plan your energy and recovery; manage the workload of your team; and focus your full attention on other people while neglecting your own performance. To ensure that you perform optimally and deliver the best possible experience for your colleagues, clients and stakeholders, it is crucial that they develop the routines and habits required to be a high performing leader. Learn how to schedule, focus and invest in your energy through Leadership Periodization, Presence and Performance.

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Be a custodian who has respect for the past, a reality that you have been gifted the present and a responsibility to leave your family, community, company, planet or the human race in a better place. Will the torch flame glow brighter when you hand it to the next person or generation?

Date: 1st June 2023
Time: 12:00 - 12:30 pm Sydney Time
Event: Thought Leadership Series
Platform: Online via zoom
Facilitator: Craig Johns
Price: Free
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Join us for a thought-provoking and highly practical event that will equip you with the skills and knowledge to navigate workforce culture in an ever-changing business environment. Don’t miss this opportunity to focus on reimagining workforce culture and thrive in the new world of work.

Date: 8th April 2023
Time: 6:00 - 9:00 pm Sydney Time
Event: Sydney Showcase
Platform: Online via zoom
Facilitator: Multiple Facilitators
Price: Free
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Create an environment where there is a strong sense of continual evolution, mutual respect for each other, and a focus on collaboration to develop solutions together. High performing teams understand how their work fits into the collective vision and have defined roles and responsibilities. Discover what it takes to lead high performing teams who thrive collectively.

Date: 5th July 2023
Time: 12:00-12:30 pm Sydney Time
Event: Thought Leadership Series
Platform: Online via zoom
Facilitator: Craig Johns
Price: Free
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