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As leaders, it takes more than just interacting with people whether it be in a formal meeting, having a conversation or at an event. How can you make every interaction a memorable experience? Experiences that shift someone's thinking, inspire them to be and achieve more and allow them to feel more connected and unified.

Effective leadership requires certain critical experiences to deliver clarity of thoughts, along with the ability to embrace cultural differences in the team and broaden observations to see beyond the obvious.

Leaders need to be both decisive and inclusive thinkers; quick on their feet and quick to recognise the value other people have to offer. One of the most critical experiences that enable leaders to make more instinctive decisions and maximise the full potential in others is to be surrounded by peers who know how to do more than what is asked of them, then you will truly appreciate what it means to work in a culture of high-performance people. Not until you see it in action and experience it can you fully appreciate what great execution really means.

Whether you want to improve Speaking at a Conference, Master Presentation to C-Suite, Elevate Your Leadership Presence, or discover the Gravity of Leadership, we have a program for you. Check out our upcoming events at the end of this newsletter.

As you approach 2023 or an upcoming new budget cycle, what are the gaps in your learning and development? We are here to support you by co-creating world-class learning experiences for your people. We look forward to having a conversation with you soon.

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Craig Johns


My Voice Series - Speakers Institute Corporate presents Craig Johns as a special guest on the My Voice video series. This is an interview delving into what has influenced Kristy-Ann as an inspiring great leader. Craig is a 10x National Champion, International coach, and CEO turned high-performance leadership expert, international speaker, and active CEO Podcast host. He is the creator of Break The CEO Code and Atomic Pressure leadership framework and thrives on helping people become high-performing leaders. Expertise – High Performance | Leadership & Team Dynamics | Strategy | Negotiation & Relationship Management At Speakers Institute Corporate Craig Johns is the CEO & Managing Partner of Speakers Institute Corporate


Leadership - Understand the present and create the future as we work with each executive to understand what they feel, think and want to do going forward. This is no ordinary executive leadership retreat as we focus on what it takes to be an inspiring great leader. We work with you to develop a custom designed retreat that integrates great leadership, wellbeing, communication and organisation skills, strategies, tools and insights to ensure that your executives are maximising their talent, performing at a high level and creating an environment which leads to greater levels of company performance and success.

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Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #168 -

On this episode of the Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Rebecca Maklad on Leadership & the DNA of Purpose, Chakra Intelligence, and being a Thought Leader and Speaker on the DNA of Purpose.

We also dive into epigenetics, Future Crunch and the world of keynote speaking and influence.

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Wellbeing - Change can be uncomfortable, painful and unpleasant. How can your employees ensure that they embrace the change process by leveraging optimism, rather than negativity to fuel success? Gaining positive momentum during a change process, whether it be in your employees personal life or at work, ensures that they successfully emerge from crisis or difficulty.

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Organisation - Developing a high-performance culture requires having human beings, communication and wellbeing at the center of every decision. It’s about a collective relentless pursuit of excellence, without being ruthless or reckless. Create a transparent environment where everyone is driven by an internal motivation to perform and achieve company success.

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Communication - Without clients, a company doesn’t exist. The experience a client has with your company will determine whether they will engage in repeat business and refer you to other companies. Account management is a crucial element of many managers, directors and executives roles. Your employees will learn effective communication strategies to ensure the client journey from acquisition, to nurturing, and retention is engaging and appropriate. Being able to develop key relationships and understand important lenient touchpoints are an invaluable component of great client experience.

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Client Centricity - As your employees progress into senior manager, director and executive roles they are faced with closing larger deals. We will teach your employees how to close the big deals that matter. Effective planning, understanding the problem you are solving and focusing on your value proposition are fundamental to closing a deal. Being aware of who the decision makers are and how decisions are made in a company is crucial for successfully closing a deal. Having the conviction and certainty that their solution is the ideal option for the client ensures they are in the best position to close a deal.

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Introducing Our Team - Kan is Craig's new Personal Assistant. She has a Bachelor of Public Administration majoring in Human Resource Management, she has a lot of experience working in customer service-related companies. She has 20 years of experience as a Secretary and Personal Assistant working in the hospitality, sport, and health industries with companies such as Marriott, Anantara, and Thanyapura. Kan is detail orientated and focused on helping companies work more efficiently while being human-centric.

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Understanding the Gravity of Leadership and how it positively or negatively affects the people you influence, is crucial to your team, company, and your own success

Understand the new rules of leadership, where people admire a heart-centered and human-centric approach.

Date: 1st March 2023
Time: 12:00-12:30pm Sydney Time
Event: Monthly Thought Leadership Series
Platform: Online via zoom
Facilitator: Craig Johns
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