What’s the difference between In-House Corporate Training and Professional Development for Individual Training Program?

The Speakers Institute Corporate programs are expertly designed, customisable programs and bespoke solutions to help your organisation unlock potential and improve employee professional development. In-House Corporate Training are programs that are delivered inside a company and a generally bespoke and co-created with the client. The Professional Development for Individuals programs are open to individuals from different companies or SME’s who join a specific program which is held on a specific date/s and time/s.

What are Speakers Institute Corporate Professional Development for Individuals Programs?
What payment forms and methods do you accept?

All Major Credit and debit cards. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club International, Debit, and PayPal. Wire transfers.

Can I request a payment invoice and/or receipt in my company's name?

When you register online, it will provide a receipt of payment. If you require an invoice with specific details, please contact learning@speakersinstitutecorporate.com

Is the Pre-Program Questionnaire response required?

Yes. The Pre-Program Questionnaire helps facilitators to ensure that the program we offer meets the participants expectations and what the participants need to put into practice.

Will I receive a certificate after I complete your program?


Can your organisation deliver training programs in our company?

Yes. Speakers Institute Corporate works with you to understand the communication, leadership, wellbeing and organisation needs of your company.

What locations/delivery method do you run your Professional Development for Individuals Program?

Every program are tailored fit to be delivered either Online, Hybrid or In-Person to maximise participant engagement, support learning needs and impact business performance.

Do I need to prepare anything to a Professional Development for Individuals Program?

In preparation for the course, please think about an upcoming presentation that you have planned or are likely to deliver in the next 1-2 months. Preferably, choose one that you will deliver to a C-Suite audience (i.e. Internal or a client C-Suite Leader/s) so that you can use the session as a venue to practice and receive feedback.

Is there a dress code for Professional Development for Individuals Program?

As long as you look professional and most importantly you feel comfortable, then all good.

How do I keep up-to-date with latest news and training dates?

Stay up to date with our latest news and events by following us and liking our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.