Faireeq Hashim is a personal development coach, a keynote speaker and co-author of an Amazon best seller book with experience in both the public and private business sector. She works closely with coaching and mentoring individuals, teams and groups to transform beliefs, to shift the mindset and self mastery in attaining goals.


Having lived in London, Malaysia, New York, Spain and now in Singapore she focuses on how the power of consciousness, limiting beliefs and emotional awareness can impact mental wellbeing and career.


After obtaining a Degree & Masters from London University in Politics and International Relations, she worked in both private and public sectors in education, retail and property in Europe and running her own business in Asia.


She recently co – authored the book “Undefeated , Moving from Ordinary to Extraordinary”, an Amazon best seller about transformation, empowerment and overcoming limitations in order to achieve desired goals.


Faireeq is dedicated as a speaker and facilitator to accomplish tangible, optimal results in self development and transformation through which a future of unlimited possibilities can be created and experienced.




  • First Impressions & Body Language
  • Inspiring transformational change
  • Confidence & Certainty