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Mastering Communication and Presentation to C-Suite

March 14, 2022 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

14th-15th March, 2022 | 1pm to 5pm (AEDT Sydney)

Have you ever felt frustrated that your great idea, initiative or product hasn’t been approved, supported or purchased by a CEO or C-Suite from your company, a prospect or current client?

We have found that understanding the psychology of C-Suite and their decision making process, how to structure your presentation and mastering your communication enables you to effectively influence C-Suite to take the desired action you require.

Over the past two years Mastering Communication and Presentation to C-Suite has been the #1 program requested by Fortune 100 companies for their in-house corporate training with Speakers Institute Corporate.

This program is now available to all business professionals through our professional development programs open to individuals.

Like many employees, Sarah from ABC Bank found it daunting and challenging to present to C-suite. Sarah felt she had great initiatives that would really benefit ABC Bank but always found herself sweating, nervous and having mind blanks when presenting to her CEO. She was so frustrated that her ideas were always rejected, especially her new wellbeing change initiative. Sarah decided she needed help and guidance to improve her ability to present with confidence, so in May 2021 she reached out to the team at Speakers Institute Corporate.

We showed Sarah how to simplify and gain greater clarity when presenting her ideas, the Authority Communication Framework to structure all her presentations and then trained her on non-verbal communication skills so she could deliver the presentation with confidence and certainty. Sarah also wanted to learn more about the psychology of C-Suite, so we shared with her some insights into what C-Suite prioritises, different decision making styles and that they are more focused on big picture than detail.

Two weeks later, Sarah sent Speakers Institute Corporate a beautiful email to thank the team as she had just used the presentation techniques to gain approval for her new wellbeing change initiative, which was previously rejected. She was so excited and felt a real sense of purpose and passion for working at ABC Bank again.

Imagine how much better life at your work would be if you were able to get more C-Suite to say yes more often than no because you upgraded the #1 skill in the world, communication, to successfully influence C-Suite.

Now is the time to REGISTER for the Mastering Communication and Presenting to C-Suite program and discover how you can effectively influence C-Suite more often.




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Achieving Clarity | Speakers Institute Corporate

Authority Communication Framework | Speakers Institute Corporate

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Non-Verbal Communication | Speakers Institute Corporate

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EMPLOYEE presenting to C-Suite executives with a progress report, positioning a new concept, sharing bad news, requesting support for your idea, seeking approval, developing a new change initiative or establishing rapport;

SALES Executive, BDM, Project Manager or a C-Suite presenting to C-Suite executives in other companies when creating a partnership, positioning for a takeover, securing a large account acquisition, delivering a progress update or solution selling;

C-SUITE executives presenting to other C-Suite in your company when seeking buy-in, establishing alliances, influencing strategy and defining priorities;

PRESENTING at conferences to a group of C-Suite executives when positioning your company in the marketplace, creating product awareness, or sharing thought leadership on future trends and research;

APPLYING for a new role as you position yourself as the best candidate and showcasing the value you can offer the company; or

BOARD DIRECTOR influencing C-Suite to shift culture, navigate change, escalate a priority, implement behavioural change or to create company wide alignment from a new employee to a director level.






  • 8 hrs online training with world leading content.
  • Valuable practical sessions with personalised feedback in small group breakout rooms.
  •  Learn the Authority Communication Framework, WHY Pitch and other powerful frameworks.
  • First impressions and non-verbal communication skills to build your confidence, certainty and credibility.
  • Techniques to effectively manage challenging questions and deliver bad news.
  • Deliver two pitch and three 3 minute presentations.
  • Whitepaper on 8 ways to influence C-Suite.
  • Downloadable and editable PDF workbook.
  • Recording of the final 3-minute presentation






CEO & Managing Partner of Speakers Institute Corporate | High Performance Leadership Expert

Craig is a 10x National Champion, International coach and CEO turned high performance leadership expert, international speaker and active CEO Podcast host. He is the creator of Break The CEO Code and Atomic Pressure leadership framework and thrives on helping people become high performing leaders.

Location – Canberra, AUSTRALIA



Program Design Manager & Master Trainer

Jessica is a highly skilled speaker and facilitator with over 20 years’ experience training global leaders in corporate, universities and every level of government. She is renowned for her vivacious energy, is a successful entrepreneur and co-authored the Amazon bestseller Business Woman.

Location – Sydney, AUSTRALIA



Master Facilitator | Professional Speaker

Demian Coorey is an award winning physicist, has a Master’s degree in finance, and worked in marketing for IBM Australia and Arthur Young. Demian entered C-Suite when he became chief analyst for Citibank Australia at 27 years old and has successfully run an animation company.

Location – Brisbane, AUSTRALIA







Special price available for 2 or more people registering together. Please contact learning@speakersinstitutecorporate.com for a promo code.





March 14, 2022
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm