Session: Focus On Nurturing Rising Talent 

Senior Facilitator | Public Speaker | Master Trainer

Jessica is a highly skilled speaker and facilitator with over 20 years’ experience training global leaders in corporate, universities and every level of government. She is renowned for her vivacious energy, is a successful entrepreneur and co-authored the Amazon bestseller Business Woman.

Expertise – Presentation & Stagecraft | Influence & Persuasion | Charisma & Humour | Creating Content | Slide Mastery

Session: People Follow People

Founder of Speakers Institute | Master Facilitator | Master Keynote Speaker Trainer

Sam Cawthorn is the CEO and Founder of Speakers Institute, Speakers institute Corporate and Speakers Tribe. Author of 10 books including 4 International Best Sellers, he is both the Young Australian Of The Year and the Edupreneur of the Year. His keynotes include Bounce Forward, People Follow People and Storyshowing.

Expertise – Resilience & Positive Psychology | Storytelling & Storyshowing | Leadership | Entrepreneurship

Session: The House Of Confidence 

Master Facilitator | Professional Speaker

Demian Coorey is an award winning physicist, has a Master’s degree in finance, and worked in marketing for IBM Australia and Arthur Young. Demian entered C-Suite when he became chief analyst for Citibank Australia at 27 years old and has successfully run an animation company.

Expertise – Storytelling | Influence & Persuasion | Data Visualisation | Sales Presentations

Session: Develop Culture Through Story

Senior Facilitator | Strategic Communications Expert

Nick Harding is a strategic communications expert, speech writer and presenter. He specialises in helping people discover and craft their story. As a Corporate trainer he has worked with Westpac, Facebook, and IBM. He is a speech writer, who has worked with TEDx Speakers, the Peruvian Embassy, the ASX, and Showpo.

Expertise – Narrative Finding | Storytelling | Pitching | Content

Session: What's Right With Us?

Senior Facilitator | Founder of Speakers Institute | Gallup Strengths Coach

Kate Cawthorn is a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, who is trained to help you understand and realise your full potential through understanding your strengths and how to work with them. A Co-Founder of Speakers Institute, Kate is genuine, caring and focused on a strengths-based approach with individuals, managers and teams.

Expertise – Gallup Strengths | Strengths For Teams | Coaching

Session: What’s Your Gravity Of Leadership

High Performance Leadership Expert | Facilitator | Speaker

Craig is a 10x National Champion, International coach and CEO turned high performance leadership expert, international speaker and active CEO Podcast host. He is the creator of Break The CEO Code and Atomic Pressure leadership framework and thrives on helping people become high performing leaders.

Expertise – High Performance | Leadership & Team Dynamics | Strategy | Negotiation & Relationship Management

Session: Having Courageous Conversations

Senior Facilitator | Presentation & Communication Coach | Professional Speaker

Warren is an expert in communication, the author of the best-selling book ” I Get You” and has facilitated over 1,500 corporate workshops worldwide. A Certified Speaking Coach, Warren focuses on the psychology, biology and behavioural science behind the human brain and its ability to communicate.

Expertise – Presentation structure | Non-Verbal Communication | Stagecraft | Story Magic | Storytelling & Storyshowing

Session: Bring An Invisible Culture To Life

Strategist | Therapist | Consultant | Facilitator

Tania is an entrepreneur, coach, therapist, and speaker with 20+ years’ success in a wide range of industries within the private and public sectors. Known as The Success SLOW Coach™, Tania brings evidence-based transformational slow leadership training and coaching to organisations and individuals looking to achieve more without the ‘busy’.

Expertise – Wellbeing & Mindset Mastery | Confidence & Clarity | Strategic Communication | Resilience & Positive Psychology

Session: PANEL Create An Ecosystem Not An Egosystem

Lawyer | Public Notary | Mentor | Keynote Speaker

Andrew is a partner in one of Australia’s largest corporate law firms – and is recommended in the international list of Best Lawyers.  He is a keynote speaker, leader and mentor, and enjoys the opportunity to pass on his knowledge of the Corporate world to a new generation of influencers.

Expertise – Shaping Company Culture | C-Suite Communication | Influence & Persuasion | Clarity

Session: The House Of Confidence

Facilitator | Sales & Persuasion Expert | Sales Coach

Pedro Estrella is a Sales Expert, Manager, Coach and Facilitator. He has won multiple awards and undergone training from recognised brands such as McDonald’s and Apple. Pedro is passionate about helping companies and business professionals optimise their sales process so they can focus on what they do best: get results for their clients.

Expertise – Sales | Management | Influence & Persuasion | Business Storytelling

Session: PANEL Create An Ecosystem Not An Egosystem

Communication Specialist | International Speaker | Facilitator | Coach

Pavel is a communication trainer, coach, and international speaker. He has been working in customer care, across different positions, for more than ten years. During this period, he completed several training opportunities focused on verbal and non-verbal communication and completed a master’s degree in marketing communication and advertising.

Expertise – Interpersonal Communication | Storytelling & Storyshowing |Coaching | Self-development