Upgrade your C-Suite executives, senior leaders and emerging leaders communication, leadership, wellbeing and organisational design skills through our one-on-one or small group mastermind executive coaching. Tailored to your needs, your client, and your organisation, we deliver online or in person (where relevant) private coaching at a time and date of your C-Suite executive, senior leader or emerging leaders choice.


There are times when personal and targeted one-on-one Coaching is needed to really take a leader to a new level. A powerful relationship is developed as they work over time together, and pinpoint key areas for improvement and expansion for the individual.


Our Coaches are trained and experienced at powerful questioning, personalised feedback, accountability and positive psychology to ensure progress is made, appropriate support is given and goals are achieved. Get ready for impactful, transformational and performance focussed coaching that allows complex situations, decisions and performance to be effectively thought through with clear and achievable outcomes created.


It is important that your C-Suite executives, senior leaders and emerging leaders have clarity, executive presence, are energised, connected and performing at their very best. We are here to help you through:


CEO, C-Suite & Emerging Leaders Coaching

  • One-on-One (individual)
  • Mastermind (small group)


Focus areas that can be explored include:

  • Enhancing your high performing leadership
  • Managing high stakes and pressure situations
  • Improving presentation skills
  • Being an inspirational speaker
  • Leading high performing teams
  • Becoming a Thought Leader
  • Transitioning into C-Suite
  • Creating a performance mindset
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Developing self-confidence & belief
  • A coaching focused leader
  • Behavioural change & resilience
  • Optimising your strengths
  • Relationship management




Craig is a high performance leadership expert working with CEO’s, emerging leaders and high performing leaders across the globe. He brings 27 years experience coaching, mentoring and training high performers in the areas of performance mindset, managing high pressure stakes moments, developing winning strategies, developing self leadership, and establishing successful team dynamics and culture.


Regarded as a global citizen, having grown up in New Zealand and lived in five countries, Craig’s diverse experience and background brings a deep level of understanding and questioning. With a relentless curiosity and an obsession with human behaviour and performance, Craig has a unique ability to build effective relationships, ask thought-provoking questions, provide valuable insights and mentor coaching clients through change and effective growth.


Working with world leaders such as the Dalai Lama, Fortune 100 Companies, Actors, Musicians and more than 100 Olympians and World Champions, Craig knows what it takes to reach a peak performance state, perform under pressure and achieve high performance.




  • High Performance
  • Leadership
  • Culture & Team Dynamics
  • Client Centricity & Relationship Management


Location – Sydney, Australia






Dianne works with corporate clients across the globe to Build Leadership Capability in Change & Resilience. She specialises in supporting leaders and teams in high-change or high-stress environments, helping them balance performance and wellbeing.


Facilitating one-to-one and group coaching programs using her proprietary change compass roadmap and coaching framework Dianne progresses clients through three stages which bring focus, structure, and accountability to the engagement; 1. Assess & Commit; 2. Roadmap Development; 3. Roadmap Activation. Tools, resources & session notes are made available to clients to maximise success through the program.


Dianne’s work draws on a 20+ year corporate career in technology & organisational change as well as her formal accreditations as a Prosci ® / ADKAR ® change practitioner, Speakers Institute Advanced Coach & Facilitator, Heart Life Academy Coach & Mental Health First Aider.




  • Change & Resilience Capability Building
  • Inspiring & Activating Transformational Change
  • Building Personal, Team & Organisational Resilience
  • Accelerated Career Development


Location – Sydney, Australia






Jessica works one to one with emerging leaders, management, senior leaders, C-Suite and ambitious professionals who desire to uplevel and expand their communication & self awareness skills to enhance self and career. She brings her 20 years of experience in communication, entrepreneurship, business & performance to her executive sessions.


This means she combines a range of methods that includes coaching, mentoring, facilitating and training through her personalised one to one sessions. This gives great flexibility and power to every session with Jessica as she easily moves between methods responding to the needs of the individual client she is working with. Every session is personalised to your stage, your goals, your needs and wants and also what Jessica can see and feel is most required for the next level of yourself.


Jessica is strategic and future-oriented. She is a super-connector, puzzling together ideas and people. Jessica brings a large dose of enthusiasm to everything she does, leaving you feeling confident, inspired and aligned.




  • Online Presentation & Engagement Skills
  • Inspiring & Activating Transformational Change
  • Self Leadership & Confidence
  • Career Development & Personal Branding


Location – Sydney, Australia






Kate Cawthorn is a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, who is trained to help you understand and realise your full potential through understanding your strengths and how to work with them.


A Co-Founder of Speakers Institute, Kate is genuine and caring which comes across in her sessions. She listens carefully and then acts, she is focused on a strengths-based approach with individuals, managers and teams.


Whether one to one or small group coaching, Kate’s style is one that will help you to uncover, understand and develop your strengths in a supportive environment. Her approach is calm; however, she is not shy when it comes to telling you the things you need to hear.




  • Gallup Strengths
  • Strengths For Teams
  • Coaching


Location – Tasmania, Australia






Nick works with leaders, C Suite, and peak performers. His executive coaching includes leadership team dynamics, leadership behaviours, decision making processes, and communication styles.


Nick uses the GROW Methodology of executive coaching, in conjunction with StandOut 2.0’s Strengths model and HBDI. Initial sessions involve gaining a deep understanding of strengths and effectiveness via psychometric assessments and co-designing a success journey based on the client’s particular goals and desired outcomes.


Sessions will predominantly be strategic client-centric conversations, yet also involve formal coaching and training where needed. Clients will gain enhanced capability, increased confidence, and a maximising of their leadership and communication potential.




  • Team Dynamics
  • Leadership Capacity
  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation & Speaking Development


Location – Sydney, Australia






The number one skill set guaranteed to grow your influence is communication and presentation skills. Warren takes his clients through the Curate, Translate and Deliver process to ensure your message lands with every audience.


He works with C-Suite executives to harness the power of communication in every presentation. It starts with understanding your audience, your first impression, the content structure, mastering telling a story and non verbals so that every presentation is memorable and not forgettable.


At the completion of the process, the most valuable part of Warren’s coaching is the feedback from presenting in person or in a digital format. The feedback session moves the presentation from good to great and provides the foundation for every future presentation. This leads to the outcome of where you can deliver every presentation with Confidence, Credibility and Certainty.




  • Body Language
  • Story Mastery
  • First Impressions
  • Presentation Stagecraft


Location – Melbourne, Australia









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