Author, impact maker, platform creator and bridge-builder, Delphine has over 25 years’ experience in the MICE industry. Having worked with many renowned speakers and corporate clients worldwide, she has accumulated a wealth of experience and understanding of working with people from diverse cultures. Delphine brings with her a positive energy and sincerity that puts her clients at ease.


As a coach, she helps her clients to bloom where they are, going from a place of being stuck to breakthroughs and empowerment. Running away from fears? She advocates leaning into your fears and anchor yourselves in resiliency, strength and resourcefulness. Delphine is widely appreciated for her perceptiveness, intuition, her ability to connect with her clients on a deep level and creating a safe space for them to be raw and open, and her sense of humour.


She is often invited to speak on topics on resilience, empowerment, emotional and mental wellness. Delphine is a mother of four – three teens and a baby, and is the host of the podcast: A Mama’s Journey. Delphine’s entrepreneurial story has been featured and published by McGraw & Hill, she is the author of ‘A Mama’s Diary: 7 Lessons From My Kids’ and a co-author of Amazon Bestseller – ‘Undefeated’.




  • Resilience, Emotional & Mental Wellness,
  • Inspiring & Catalysing Transformation
  • Coaching
  • Program Manager