High Performance Leadership Expert | Intenational Speaker | CEO

“Energy is the #1 currency in leadership”

- Craig Johns


Craig Johns is a 10x National Sport Champion, International Sport Coach, and CEO turned High-Performance Leadership Expert, International Speaker and Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast host.

Having lived in 5 countries, Craig has 28 years of international experience working in the sport, health, mind, education and hospitality industries. He knows the highs of playing for New Zealand’s most winningest sports team, no not the All Blacks, where they went unbeaten for 272 games, and winning national titles across four individual sports. Craig also knows what it’s like to hit the lowest of lows flat-lining 3x and the resilience it takes to have the mindset in the pressure of the moment.

Working with world leaders such as the Dalai Lama, musicians, actors, and more than 100 Olympians and World Champions, Craig knows what it takes to reach a peak performance state and be a high performing leader. In 2020, Craig co-founded Speakers Institute Corporate, which has gone on to be one of the fastest growing global corporate training companies in the world. With over 1,000 percent growth, the company delivers world class learning and development for Fortune 100 companies such as IBM, AMEX, EY and more.



Craig was thought provoking, insightful and inclusive. I thoroughly recommend Craig as a speaker and innovator

Charismatic, vulnerable, honest and transparent. His story and message resonated with me

Craig is nurturing, empowering, strategic and inspirational. He has a uniquely valuable skillset and mindset



Discover the DNA of high performing leaders who create thriving teams

The weight on the shoulders of leaders has taken a gravitational shift as we deal with a future of economic volatility, building a positive culture in remote teams, wellbeing being at the centre of decision making, and increasing expectations on agile innovation.

Understanding the gravity of your leadership and how it positively or negatively affects the people you influence, is crucial to your own and organisation’s success.

Learn the new rules of leadership, where a heart centred, human centric and nurturing rising talent approach to leading performance driven teams, is the future of successful organisations.

In this inspiring session:

  1. Discover how to create a relentless pursuit of excellence without being ruthless or reckless
  2. Learn an effective process to nurture rising talent and implement a coach leadership style
  3. How creating company DNA has a powerful effect on collective behaviours, attitudes and belonging


FOCUS: Leadership - Performance - Team Culture


How to decode energy for the future of leadership performance.

It can be very lonely at the top. Leaders are constantly under pressure to deliver outcomes such as more perfection, profit, products and prestige. They fall into the trap of working harder and thinking that more is better, when in most cases less is more. Craig learnt first hand the negative consequences of setting a culture of more, rather than facilitating a high performance environment.

“Have you ever over done it, in your life … for all the right reasons?” CRAIG JOHNS

Your organisation, team or people of influence are directly affected by the energy, stress, mood and focus you arrive with every single day. Craig will show leaders how to proactively plan or manage their energy and stress over time, to enhance their performance and productivity of themselves, their company, and their relationships.

In this game-changing session you will learn:

  1. The secrets to sustainable energy and leadership and performance
  2. 3 steps to becoming a Chief Energy Officer (CEO)
  3. Why energy is the #1 currency in leadership


FOCUS: Leadership - Wellbeing - Performance


How to turn high pressure moments into performance success, by leaning into pressure.

In a world of uncertainty and competition for our attention, we feel under relentless pressure to perform. When it comes to performance, pressure always wins. The most successful teams and people walk towards pressure, and they understand the art of when to apply or release it.

Have you ever noticed that human pressure is like atoms? We have positive and negative energy, sometimes spontaneously combust, collide with other human beings, and even join forces with other human beings to create greater impact. As leaders, it is our role to manage the energy, and pressure of our people and teams. Through an engaging, interactive and entertaining session, Craig will show you how to lean into your ATOMIC PRESSURE and avoid an atomic bomb moment.

In this interactive and thought-provoking session:

  1. Learn how the 5 principles of Atomic Pressure will help you and your team win when performance matters
  2. Understand that low and high pressure both lead to low performance and why moderate pressure enables high performance
  3. Discover when to turn pressure off and when to apply pressure for individual and team success


FOCUS: Performance - Wellbeing - Energy Management