Client centricity is essential in the modern economy and companies will find themselves out-competed by rivals who put the clients needs at the centre of everything they do. Placing clients at the centre of planning, decision making and delivery, provides a company with a competitive advantage.

What does a client-centric organization look like? Retention is the greatest recruitment strategy. Understanding clients means understanding their journey. Client experiences occur not at a single moment but at multiple interactions over time. It is much cheaper to retain a client through developing powerful relationships, than recruit a new one. Being client centric means knowing the client lifetime value and segmenting them into groups where you focus your attention on clients with high value. Co-creating your products, services and solutions, with your high value clients, enables you to streamline processes and systems that make it easier to serve their needs and expectations.

Client trust and loyalty occurs as a result of knowing what levers and drivers are required to develop long-term value. It requires aligning people and culture who put the clients needs first.



Our multi-day programs are designed to deliver impactful development training that builds on skills over multiple days. Over the program days participants are exposed to new content and have multiple opportunities to practice these skills with world-class coaching and feedback available to them immediately. Multi-day programs are available from 2 days through to year long programs.

With High
Value Clients
Relationship Selling For Large Accounts
Optimising The Client Relationship
Leading A Client Centric Culture

One-day (ODI) programs on a specific element of client centricity that meets the professional development needs of your organisation. Our ODI programs combine best practice content with industry specific knowledge, individual presentations with feedback and engaging activities for effective learning. For ODI briefs and key outcomes, please refer to the Speakers Institute Corporate website

Nurturing Relationship Virtually
Power Of Effective Conversations
Art Of Influence And Negotiating
A Deal
Managing Conflict Resolution

We can also add value to your internal Wellbeing programs and events by delivering an One-Day Intensive (see above) topic or some other aspect of Wellbeing slotted into your internal programs, summit or conference. We can incorporate an established or customized session or workshop, of any length, that aligns with the aim and outcome of your program.